• Conversation 1
    • Spirit scorpion: Hey, boss, how about we go to the bank?
    • Player: And do what?
    • Spirit scorpion: Well, we could open by shouting, 'Stand and deliver!'
    • Player: Why does everything with you end with something getting held up?
    • Spirit scorpion: That isn't true! Give me one example.
    • Player: How about the post office?
    • Spirit scorpion: How about another?
    • Player: Those junior White Knights? The ones selling the gnome crunchies?
    • Spirit scorpion: That was self defence.
    • Player: No! No more hold-ups, stick-ups, thefts, or heists, you got that?
  • Conversation 2
    • Spirit scorpion: Say hello to my little friend!
    • Player: What?
    • Spirit scorpion: My little friend: you ignored him last time you met him.
    • Player: So, who is your friend?
    • Spirit scorpion: If I tell you, what is the point?
  • Conversation 3
    • Spirit scorpion: Hey, boss, I've been thinking.
    • Player: That's never a good sign.
    • Spirit scorpion: See, I heard about this railway...
    • Player: We are not robbing it!
    • Spirit scorpion: I might not have wanted to suggest that, boss...
    • Player: Then what were you going to suggest?
    • Spirit Scorpion: That isn't important right now.
    • Player: I thought as much.
  • Conversation 4
    • Spirit Scorpion: Why do we never go to crossroads and rob travelers?
    • Player: There are already highwaymen at the good spots.
    • Spirit scorpion: Maybe we need to think bigger.

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