After Observatory Quest Edit

  • If you are not wearing a Ghostspeak amulet
    • This powerful spirit seems capable of speaking to you even though you are not wearing an Amulet of Ghostspeak.
  • Spirit of Scorpius: Who treads upon my grave?
    • I seek your wisdom.
      • Player: I seek your wisdom.
      • Spirit of Scorpius: Indeed, I feel you have beheld the far places in the heavens. My Lord instructs me to help you.
        • If you do not have an unholy symbol mould
          • [missing]
        • If you already have an unholy symbol mould
          • Spirit of Scorpius: I see you have a mould for the unholy symbol of our Lord. Come to me when you desire my blessing.
    • I have come to kill you.
      • Player: I have come to kill you.
      • Spirit of Scorpius: The might of mortals, to me, is as the dust to the sea.

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