• Conversation 1
    • Player: How's it going, Tz-kih?
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Pray pray?
    • Player: Don't start with all that again.
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Hmph, silly JalYt.
  • Conversation 2
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Does JalYt think Tz-kih as strong as Jad Jad?
    • Player: Are you as strong as TzTok-Jad? Yeah, sure, why not.
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Really? Thanks, JalYt. Tz-Kih strong and happy.
  • Conversation 3
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Have you heard of blood bat, JalYt?
    • Player: Blood bats? You mean vampire bats?
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Yes. Blood bat.
    • Player: Yes, I've heard of them. What about them?
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Tz-Kih like blood bat, but drink pray pray not blood blood. Blood blood is yuck.
    • Player: Thanks, Tz-Kih, that's nice to know.
  • Conversation 4
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray!
    • Player: Calm down, Tz-Kih, we'll find you something to drink soon.
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Pray praaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    • Player: Okay, okay. Calm down!
  • Special Conversation (If you have at least one Prayer Potion in your inventory)
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: You drink pray, me drink pray.
    • Player: What's that, Tz-Kih?
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: You got pray pray pot. Tz-Kih drink pray pray you, you drink pray pray pot.
    • Player: You want to drink my Prayer points?
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: Yes. Pray pray.
    • Player: Err, not right now, Tz-Kih. I, er, need them myself.
    • Player: Sorry.
    • Spirit Tz-Kih: But, pray praaaay...?

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