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Without 70 SummoningEdit

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Sparky: Chatterchatterchatter chatterchatter chatter!
  • Player: Hmm. If I was more skilled with animals, I would be able to figure out what he's saying.

With 70 SummoningEdit

Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Sparky: Chatter! (Hi!)
  • Player: How did you end up here?
  • Sparky: Chatter chatterchatter chatter-chip. (I used to live near the Ranging Guild up in McGrubor's Wood.)
  • Sparky: Chip chatterchatter. (One day, I was out foraging for nuts when I noticed a crowd at the guild.)
  • Sparky: Chip chip-chatter. (Geoff was trying to join the guild, aiming the shot that would've got him in.)
  • Player: Boring! (Or "What happened next?")
  • Sparky: Chatter-chip! (This would be impolite to translate.)
  • Player: What happened next?
  • Sparky: Chip chatter chatter-chip. (The arrow soared towards its target, but ricocheted off something that was carried by a passing swallow.)
  • Player: What could a swallow possibly carry?
  • Sparky: Chatter chatterchatter chatter. (I don't know! The next thing I knew, the arrow was coming right for me!)
  • Sparky: Chatter-cip chatterchatter-chip. (When I woke up, I was here and Geoff was looking after me.)
  • Sparky: Chip chatterchatter. (It's quite nice here, so I decided to stay and cheer Geoff up.)
  • Player: An interesting but implausible tale.
  • Sparky: Chatter-chip-chatter! (Thanks! I brush it every day.)
  • Player: ...

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Sparky: Chatter! (Hi!)
    • Player: What do you think of Geoff?
  • Sparky: Chatter chatter-chip chatter. (He's good guy. It's a shame that he still blames himself for my leg.)

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: Hello there!
  • Sparky: Chatter! (Hi!)
  • Player: Say, that's a nice hat.
  • Sparky: Chatterchatterchatter chatter-chip (Yeah, it's jaunty.)
    • Player: Can I have it?
      • Sparky: Chatter chip-chip chatter (Don't you think it would be a bit small for you?)
        • Player: I suppose.
        • Player: No?
          • Sparky: Chatter chatter chatter chatter-chip (I can give directions to where I found it, if you like.)
            • Player: Yes!
              • Sparky: Chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chip-chatter. (Okay, if you scurry about two-hundred paces north, then about five-hundred paces east, you should get there.)
              • Player: Hmm, could you write that down for me?
              • Sparky: Chip (No.)
              • Player: Why not?
              • Sparky: Chatter-chatter (I'm a squirrel.)
              • Player: ...
            • Player: Nah.
    • Player: Where did you get it?

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