Main conversation:Edit

  • Sparkles: Ssssssalutations Player, how can I help?

When the dialogue ends, you are able to choose a different dialogue option. The only exception is choice 5, which ends the conversation completely.

Dialogue choice 1: Where did you get your hat?

  • Player: Where did you get your hat?
  • Sparkles: Sssstole it from an old man.
  • Player: You stole from Santa!
  • Sparkles: Who's Sssssssssanta?
  • Player: Santa is a kind old man who gives presents to everyone all over the world.
  • Sparkles: He ssssssssssounds nice.
  • Player: He is, and you stole from him.
  • Sparkles: Thissssss can be my pressssssent!
  • Player: It doesn't work that way, you don't get to choose your present.
  • Sparkles: Sssssssso, I ssssssshould give this hat back?

Option 1: Yes, it doesn't belong to you.

  • Sparkles: Okay, if I give it back will I get a pressssssent.
  • Player: Well that depends on whether you have been naughty or nice.
  • Sparkles: Isssss ssssstealing Ssssssanta's hat naughty or nice.
  • Player: I'm pretty sure that is naughty...
  • Sparkles: So what will I get for Christmassssss then?
  • Player: Coal.
  • Sparkles: I don't want coal for Christmassssss, I think I will keep the hat.

Option 2: No, it makes you look very dashing.

  • Sparkles: I will keep it then!

Dialogue choice 2: What do you eat?

  • Sparkles: Eat? I am made out of tinsssel, I do not have a stomach!
  • Player: If you do not eat then why were you stealing the wizards' Christmas puddings?
  • Sparkles: Becaussssssse, it annoysssss them.
  • Player: Well that is not very nice is it?
  • Sparkles: No, but it'sssss fun to sssee them all run around worried about pudding.

Dialogue choice 3: Hey snakey!

  • Player: Hey snakey!
  • Sparkles: My name is Sssssssssssssparkles.
  • Player: That isn't a very scary name for a snake.
  • Sparkles: Who ssssssssaid that I have to be ssssssssssssscary.
  • Player: Well, nobody but I thought snakes were meant to be scary!
  • Sparkles: Well....
  • Sparkles: BOO!
  • Sparkles: Wassss that sssscary??
  • Player: Not really.
  • Sparkles: Well at leasssst I tried.....

Dialogue choice 4: Do you want to play a game?

  • Sparkles: Ssssure, do you want to play knock doors in Varrock and run away?
  • Player: No, do you play any games that don't inconvenience people?
  • Sparkles: What about throwing cabbages at sssssheep?
  • Player: ...or inconvenience animals.
  • Sparkles: Can we go and teassssse Timmy the lessser demon ssssome more?
  • Player: I think he has had enough teasing.
  • Sparkles: What do you want to play?
  • Player: How about a game of gnomeball?
  • Sparkles: I cannot catch.
  • Player: Ok, think of a number between 1 and 10.
  • Sparkles: Okay...[Sparkles says a random number between 1 and 10]...
  • Player: No, you are not supposed to tell me, think of another one and don't tell me.
  • Sparkles: Okay, I have thought of a number.....
  • Player: Now let me guess it and you tell me if your number is higher or lower.

Enter a number to guess Sparkles' number. Hitting enter with no number will end the game.

If number entered is too low:

  • Sparkles: That'sss too low!

If number entered is too high:

  • Sparkles: That'sss too high!

If number entered is not between 1 and 10:

  • Sparkles: That'sss not a number between 1 and 10, ssstop being silly!

If number entered is correct:

  • Sparkles: That'sss it! That wassss fun, want to play again?

Option 1: Yes.

Starts again from Sparkles: Okay, I have thought of a number.....

Option 2: No.

Conversation ends and another dialogue option can be chosen.

Dialogue choice 5: Nothing

  • Sparkles: This wasssssssss a nice chat Player.

Storing Sparkles in a POH toy box:Edit

  • Sparkles: Sssssssssstoring me in a box and forgetting me huh? You are jussssst like the wizardsssssssss!

Using Sparkles on a POH Wintumber tree:Edit

  • Sparkles: Don't even think about it sssssssssssssunshine!

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