Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: So, how's it going?
  • Sockroth: I HAVE SOCKS!
  • Player: I can see that...
  • Sockroth: LOOK AT THEM!
  • Player: Yes, yes. Very nice.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Sockroth: My socks have holes in them.
  • Player: That's where your feet go.
  • Sockroth: No, they have holes at both sides.
  • Player: Well maybe if you trimmed your claws once in a while...
  • Sockroth: How dare you. A turoth's worth is defined by his claws!
  • Player: Then don't complain about holes in socks.
  • Sockroth: I'll make holes in you.
  • Player: What was that?
  • Sockroth: Nothing.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Sockroth: You've brought me new socks?
  • Player: Um, no.
  • Sockroth: Come back with socks.

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