Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: Will you ever get to rest, Skully?
  • Skully: Probably not. I was cursed to live forever; this is all that is left of me.
  • Player: Who would do such a thing?
  • Skully: Someone who had a bone to pick with me.
  • Skully: ...
  • Skully: Bwahahaha!
  • Player: I...suppose it's good that you can laugh about it.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: What happened to you, Skully?
  • Skully: I don't want to talk about it - it still hurts to speak about it.
  • Player: The thought sends shivers down my spine...
  • Skully: I'm glad you're a supportive friend.
  • Player: Don't worry, I'll always back you up.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Skully: Can we slow down? I don't have the legs I used to.
  • Player: You don't have any legs at all. Actually, how do you even get around? 
  • Skully: I could show you - I just need to kill you first. 
  • Player: Um...actually, I'm not that curious. 

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