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  • Sieglinde: Can I interest you in a warhammer? I now have dragon warhammers in stock!
    • Player: Yes please.
      • Shop opens
    • Player: Dragon warhammers?
      • Sieglinde: Yes! The Black Guard recovered schematics on how to make them from the Red Axe base. Supreme Commander Bisi has asked me to make them for the elite Black Guard berserkers, and I'm also selling them here.
    • Player: What happened to Vigr?
      • If Vigr was exiled
        • Sieglinde: He was exiled! The Black Guard marched him straight out of the city. I've heard a lot of exiles end up near Yanille.
      • If Vigr waskilled
        • Sieglinde: He was executed as a Red Axe spy! His remains will have been thrown into the Kelda. I suppose it's what he deserves if he was really working for the Red Axe.
    • Player: No thanks.

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