Conversation 1Edit

Player: What are you doing?

Runtstable: Trying to get big and strong like my parents.

Player: You've got a long way to go yet, little one.

Runtstable: You'll see. I'll get there some day.

Conversation 2Edit

Runtstable: When are we going to the dungeon where I was born?

Player: You mean the Polypore Dungeon?

Runtstable: I guess so. I can't remember.

Player: Poly at some point in the future if I get pore.

Runtstable: ... I don't get it.

Conversation 3Edit

Runtstable: Tell me the story of Ramokee Skinweaver.

Player: Maybe another time.

Runtstable: Please!

Player: How about you ask her next time we visit.

Runtstable: Wow, I get to meet Ramokee Skinweaver. I can't wait!

Player: Only if you're good.

Runtstable: I'm always good.

Conversation 4Edit

Runtstable: Please don't pour neem oil on me.

Player: Don't worry, I won't.

Runtstable: Thank you, master.

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