Summer Beach PartyEdit

When talked toEdit

  • (Transcript missing. edit)


  • (Transcript missing. edit)

When checking for titleEdit

  • Player: How am I doing?
  • Reyna: Lets[sic] have a look...
    • (If the title isn't unlocked yet:)
      • Reyna: Looks like you've not done all the beach content for this year yet. Speak to a lifeguard for more info.
      • (The missing of the following are shown:)
        • (Transcript missing. edit)
        • You haven't unlocked the Octopus pet yet.
        • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • (If the title is already unlocked:)
      • Reyna: You've already got the title from this year's event.

Build A BeachEdit

When talked toEdit

  • (If there is beach sand to hand in:)
  • Reyna: Hello friend, are you here to help with Build-a-beach?
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Reyna: I'm Reyna, and I love a good beach party.
      • Player: So where is it then?
      • Reyna: Well I have to keep rebuilding it ready for the party every year.
      • Reyna: Some Guy keeps interfering and moving all my sand back to the desert.
      • Player: Any idea who it was?
      • Reyna: Nope, but if I ever catch him, I'll show him what for-ks!
      • Player: What was that other event in the crater?
      • Reyna: Some people moved in and brought all kinds of fluff with them!
      • Reyna: I told them there'd be Helter pay for if they didn't.
      • Player: Well given that it's now free again, I guess you're having another party?
      • Reyna: I sure am!
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • How can I help?
      • Player: How can I help?
      • Reyna: Well, you can help with the Build-a-beach in a couple of ways...
      • Reyna: You can gather sand whilst on going about your daily business and bring it to me.
      • Reyna: Ordinary sand won't do, but you can find this stuff everywhere. It always gets in the cracks.
      • Player: And the other?
      • Reyna: You can help deliver the sand from this pile here next to me, to one of ones in the crater.
      • Reyna: Watch out for the quick sand, and those sandstorms though.
      • Reyna: If you drop it all before you get to the piles, just come back here and get some more.
      • Reyna: I've also got some rewards including an outfit and a little magic ring I made for you if you help out.
      • Player: Okay, got it.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • What was with the sand pits?
      • Player: What was with the sand pits?
      • Reyna: Ah yes, well erm I was trying to teleport the sand from the desert straight to the crater but something went a bit wrong.
      • Reyna: At least it's all sorted now.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • Lovely weather...
      • Player: Lovely weather...
      • Reyna: Yes well, that seems to be an unfortunate side effect from when I tried to teleport the sand here.
      • Reyna: Take care around the sandstorms for now, they'll give you a bit of a whirl if you get too close, though only whilst carrying sand it seems.
      • Player: Got it.
      • Reyna: Hopefully they'll blow out soon enough before we start the party.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • What is The Beach Party?
      • Player: What is The Beach Party?
      • Reyna: Why it's only the best event of the year, that takes place in the summer near Lumbridge castle, previously where some Gods fought!
      • Player: Unrivalled then. What can we do?
      • Reyna: Well, there are plenty of activities to do, loads of skilling opportunities and portals that take you to other fun activities.
      • Reyna: As well as shops with outfits and items for sale, and lots more!
      • Player: I can't wait!
      • (Returns to the previous options.)

Handing in beach sandEdit

Without beach sandEdit
  • You do not have anything to hand in.
With beach sandEdit
  • Handing in event currency will increase your progress for this event unlocking unique rewards. This will remove currency up to the amount that is required to complete the event.
  • Do you wish to continue?
    • No
      • (Dialogue terminates.)
    • Yes
      • (If not all the rewards are unlocked:)
        • You hand in [X] Beach sand. You need to hand in [Y] more to complete the event.
        • (Dialogue from claiming rewards occurs.)
      • (If all the rewards are unlocked:)
With all rewards claimedEdit
  • You have unlocked all of the rewards available for this event. You can convert any remaining currency into consumable rewards.

Claiming rewardsEdit

Without rewards to claim and none claimedEdit
  • (Transcript missing. edit)
With rewards to claimEdit
  • Reyna: There you are!
  • Congratulations, you have unlocked [reward].
  • You have unlocked [X]/7 of the rewards for the Beach Buildup event.
Without rewards to claim and some claimedEdit
  • Reyna: You have more rewards to unlock. Collect more sand to get them.
  • You have unlocked [X]/7 of the rewards for the Beach Buildup event.
With all rewards claimedEdit
  • (Transcript missing. edit)


Summer Beach PartyEdit

  • Player:
    • What are the new activities?
      • Reyna: We have two new exciting activities for this year's beach - hook a duck and terrorbird racing. They're both really fun, although the racing is my favourite - I love running around with that mount on! Sarah by the hook a duck stall will give you information about that, and talk to Xuan by the terrorbird racing gate to find out all about how the racing works.
    • So you got the beach finished[sic]
      • Reyna: Absolutely, and how glorious it is. I could not have done it without all the help I had from so many splendid people.
    • What's the giant creature in the crater?
      • Reyna: Quite the beast isn't she? I believe that we may have had a hand in her being here.
      • Player: In what way?
      • Reyna: There was an adorable little creature in one of the buckets of sand that was handed in for the beach, little dot of a thing. It looks like she grew up! I have sent word to the wizards at the Wizards' Tower and they believe that the little tyke is the land retaliating for the battles in the area. That Gielinor is, well, unhappy, and has used the Anima Mundi to create a defender. I'm not sure if I believe that though, the wizards are reluctant to come and see her for themselves. But it is hard to deny that the little thing has grown rather large. I just wish she didn't bring the rain with her.
    • What can I do on the beach?
      • Reyna: There are lots of lovely activities and shops. What would you like to know about?
      • Player:
        • Skilling activities
          • Reyna: There are many skilling opportunities, try building a sandcastle, do a spot of cooking or fishing, gather some coconuts, chase a beachball or try to knock down the odd coconut. Have a look around and ask the people in charge of the activities for more information.
        • Vendors
          • Reyna: The beach has attracted a couple of vendors, and they have outfit pieces, lots of lovely hats, and also fun items for sale. My personal favourite is the throwing disk.
        • The creature
          • Reyna: The creature seems to pop out of the crater every hour. She brings the rain with her. We have found though, that if we can beat her she will go and hide again and we get the lovely sunshine back.
        • The portals
          • Reyna: There are portals in the beach that can take you directly to lots of fun activities, and a lifeguard who will let you know when to go, so you don't have to waste a minute of tanning time.
          • There are portals to take you to the following D&Ds: Sinkholes, Big Chinchompa, Guthixian Cache, Evil Tree, Shooting Star, Fish Flingers, and Familiarisation. The portals will open when the games are about to start.
        • Something else
    • What will happen to the sand at the end of the party?
      • Reyna: There is a plan to put it all back in the desert, of course there is.
      • Player: And the plan is?
      • Reyna: Secret for now, wouldn't want people ambushing the sand as it goes back now. Yep, that's the reason.

Celebration of FireEdit

  • Player: Oh hey Reyna, what are you still doing here?
  • Reyna: It's all gone... My poor beach, it's ruined!
  • Player: Urm, Reyna are you okay?
  • Reyna: ...
  • Player: I'll be off now then... Enjoy doing whatever it is that you're doing with that bit of sand.
  • (Dialogue terminates.)

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