To whom it may concern,

We desperately request information. What is the status of the resistance and the threats towards Prifddinas? Many believe the city lost, but the truth is that most of it was reverted to crystal seed form long ago. With the fear of impending attacks from the east and the Dark Lord, many elders sacrificed what power they had to revert the city.

This report is carried by a faithful messenger who is stationed watching an ancient route of light between the temple and the under-city. We have recently noticed this link has been made stronger, as if the temple is active and safe once more.

The passage is ancient – it is untraveled in many years and there is a high risk that it may collapse – but that the link is once again present is a good sign and worthy of this risk.

With all hopes I wish this message finds you hands. With this link returned, hope has returned also. The time has come to rid ourselves of the remaining threats to our once great city, raise it from the ground once more and restore it to its former glory.


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