Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: Reeves.
  • Reeves: Hello [Player].
  • Player: Do you have any other reaver friends?
  • Reeves: May. She's fun.
  • Player: And what do you guys do?
  • Reeves: Well, I like playing tricks on May.
  • Player: That's not very nice!
  • Reeves: It's fine! I've turned it into a game you see... I call it 'The May Tricks'

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: Have you seen the way I handle Nex? It's excellent.
  • Reeves: Some might say it's rather...
  • Reeves: NEXcellent
  • Player: Well that was awful.
  • Reeves: Aww, would you like to hear my NEXt pun?
  • Player: Oh dear Reeves. You're really going that NEXtra mile with these.
  • Reeves: Get out.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Reeves: I've seen some things man...
  • Player: Oh? Such as?
  • Reeves: Nex! I've seen some crazy things! People would stand where old Glacies used to stand, they would all stand on top of each other.
  • Reeves: Somebody would have an odd looking staff that appeared to shield them. Some times, I'd see people walk up and down the south side of the arena for about an hour.
  • Reeves: Or.... They'd dance near the entrance shouting some things. 'Clever' 'Use' and 'Of', the other words were all drowned out.
  • Player: What were you doing there at the time?
  • Reeves: Hiding! The screams I used to hear are enough to haunt me for life. 'PPPPEERRNIIXXXXXX CHAPS'

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