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2007 Christmas EventEdit

Snow Queen: Happy Christmas, noble visitor. Welcome to the Land of Snow. I have a gift for you, if you would like it.

Player:Ooh, a present?
SQ:It is a snow globe: a tiny model of your Lumbridge Castle enchanted with a little of this land's magical snow.
The Queen of Snow hands you a snow globe.
SQ:If you lost it, I have given Diango of Draynor Village a supply of spares.
P:Happy Christmas, Your Majesty.
SQ:And a Happy New Year to you.
P:Why have you sent snow to RuneScape?
SQ:A snowy Christmas is a tradition that I have sadly neglected in recent years; what is Christmas without the hope of snow? There can be no hope of snow if snow never comes.
P:What is the Land of Snow?
SQ:The Land of Snow was created aeons ago by Guthix, as part of his balancing of the world. The coldness of this place counteracts the heat of the great deserts and volcanoes of others; ensuring the correct balance of hot and cold.
P:What is the snow globe for?
SQ:Nothing, besides your idle amusement. It is imbued with a little of the snow imps' magic. When you shake it, it will call some snow to you from the Land of Snow.
P:I want to go back to RuneScape.
SQ:Very well. You may return here during Christmas-time, when the Land of Snow is close to RuneScape. Just speak to a snowman or snow imp.
P:What is this place?
SQ:This is the Land of Snow. It was created by Guthix as part of his balancing of the world. The coldness of this place counteracts the heat of the great deserts.

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