Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: Do you have a body?
  • Queen Black Dragonling: What a rude question! Of course I do. What did you think, that I was just a floating head?
  • Player: Well that's all I've ever seen of you.
  • Queen Black Dragonling: If you're referring to my larger counterpart, I'm not sure you want to see the rest.
  • Player: Maybe not.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: Can you tell me more about Kerapac?
  • Queen Black Dragonling: How do you know that name?
  • Player: I discovered a journal that seemed to belong to him. He spoke about creating the Queen Black Dragon.
  • Queen Black Dragonling: The creator, yes. I know of him. He created her as an experiment - nothing more. Does life not require more respect than that?

Conversation 3Edit

  • Queen Black Dragonling: <Player>, can we stop for a moment?
  • Player: What's up?
  • Queen Black Dragonling: I'm just so sleepy.
  • Player: I had noticed you were dragon your feet again! Get it? Dragon...dragging...
  • Queen Black Dragonling: Zzzzzzzzz...

In the Queen Black Dragon's lairEdit

  • Queen Black Dragonling: Can we leave please, <Player>?
  • Player: Why do you want to leave?
  • Queen Black Dragonling: It makes me sad to be here. It's not right, being imprisoned for so many years. She didn't ask to be made like this.
  • Player: I suppose not.
  • Queen Black Dragonling: I figure if she can't get out and feel the sun on her scales, at least I can do it for her.

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