Without catspeakEdit

  • Qat: Meow, meow meow.

With catspeakEdit

  • Qat: Ooh, aren’t you an odd looking cat!
  • Player: I’m not a cat.
  • Qat: But you’re talking cat, so you must be a cat. I may be old, but I ain’t slow yet.
  • Qat: Now, I imagine a cat like you doesn’t get much attention in the romantic way. So I’m betting you’re single. Now, don’t fret, I have some lovely grandchildren that I’m sure you’d love.
  • Qat: They’re not much to look at. Their father was the ugliest tomcat I ever did see, but they’ve got good hearts and excellent hunting skills.
  • Player: I’ll pass, thanks.
  • Qat: Pfft, suit yerself.

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