After Throne of Miscellania, before Royal Trouble Edit

  • [missing]

After Royal Trouble, before Blood Runs Deep Edit

If the player is male and engaged to Princess Astrid

  • Prince Brand: Thank you for helping father so much, [Fremennik name].

If the player is female and engaged to Prince Brand

  • Prince Brand: I'm glad you could help father so much. He's so much happier now that he can go adventuring, and I think it was the last thing that would stop Queen Sigrid considering him for marriage. Speaking of marriage, are you any closer to finding someone to marry us? I can barely wait!
    • Soon, my dear.
      • Player: Soon, my dear.
      • Prince Brand: Really? That's great news!
    • No luck so far.
      • Player: No luck so far.
      • Prince Brand: That is such a shame.

If the player was previously female and engaged to Princess Astrid but is now male

  • [missing]

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