• Prezleek: Welcome to the Bucking Baroo!
  • (Only if not asked last:)
    • What's going on here?
      • Prezleek: This is the Bucking Baroo - pay 10 tokens, and then hold on for dear life!
      • Player: Is it safe?
      • Prezleek: Really? You're going to question if this, out of all the things you've done on Gielinor, is safe?
      • Player: it?
      • Prezleek: ...
      • Prezleek: Probably not.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
  • (Only if not asked last:)
    • Don't I recognise you?
      • Prezleek: How astute! You've probably seen a fair amount of my fantastic art work here and there.
      • Player: Oh, now I remember. You do the funny comics!
      • Prezleek: I prefer 'unique masterpieces'.
      • Player: They're pretty funny!
      • Prezleek: ...thanks.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
  • (Only if not asked last:)
    • What slayer task are you currently on?
      • Prezleek: It's lame. I want Nex.
      • Player: But what ab...
      • Prezleek: Nex.
      • Player: Isn't that a li...
      • Prezleek: Nex.
      • Player: But how do yo...
      • Prezleek: GIMMIE NEX.
      • Player: Ugh, forget I asked.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
  • Bye
    • Prezleek: Have fun!

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