• Conversation 1
    • Praying mantis: Chitter chirrup chirrup? (Have you been following your training, grasshopper?)
    • Player: Yes, almost every day.
    • Praying mantis: Chirrupchirrup chirrup. ('Almost' is not good enough.)
    • Player: Well, I'm trying as hard as I can.
    • Praying mantis: Chirrup chitter chitter chirrup? (How do you expect to achieve enlightenment at this rate, grasshopper?)
    • Player: Spontaneously.
  • Conversation 2
    • Praying mantis: Chitterchitter chirrup clatter. (Today, grasshopper, I will teach you to walk on rice paper.)
    • Player: What if I can't find any?
    • Praying mantis: Clatter chitter click chitter... (Then we will wander about and punch monsters in the head...)
    • Player: I could do in an enlightened way if you want?
    • Praying mantis: Chirrupchitter! (That will do!)
  • Conversation 3
    • Praying mantis: Clatter chirrup chirp chirrup clatter clatter. (A wise man once said; 'Feed your mantis and it will be happy'.)
    • Player: Is there any point to that saying?
    • Praying mantis: Clatter chirrupchirrup chirp. (I find that a happy mantis is its own point.)
  • Conversation 4
    • Praying mantis: Clatter chirrupchirp- (Today, grasshopper, we will-)
    • Player: You know, I'd rather you call me something other than grasshopper.
    • Praying mantis: Clitterchirp? (Is there a reason for this?)
    • Player: You drool when you say it.
    • Praying mantis: Clickclatter! Chirrup chirpchirp click chitter... (I do not! Why would I drool when I cann you a juicy...)
    • Praying mantis: ...clickclick chitter clickchitter click... (...succulent, nourishing, crunchy...)
    • Praying mantis: *Drooool*
    • Player: You're doing it again!
  • Conversation 5 (with Butterfly net equipped or in inventory)
    • Praying mantis: Clatter click chitter click? (Wouldn't you learn focus better if you used chopsticks?)
    • Player: Huh?
    • Praying mantis: Clicker chirrpchirrup. (For catching the butterflies, grasshopper.)
    • Player: Oh, right! Well, if I use anything but the net I squash them.
    • Praying mantis: Chirrupchirrup click! (Then, I could have them!)

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