Crystal saw
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Before starting Edit

Attempting to open the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence door Edit

  • The door appears to be locked. You'll have to find another way in.

In the Jail Edit

Talking to the Guard Edit

First time Edit

  • Guard: Can I help you?
  • Player: I hope so. What is this place?
  • Guard: Above us is the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence, where young adventurers are taught things that will help keep themselves safe. They say that hidden away somewhere here is the entrance to the old jail, which no doubt has fabulous treasures for those willing to search for them. Together they're called the Stronghold of Player Safety, for historical reasons.
  • Player: So what do you do?
  • Guard: I guard this stairway to make sure that prospective students are ready, and to explain the Report function.
    • What is this Report thing?
    • That's interesting. Goodbye.

Afterward Edit

  • Guard:

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