• Player: Hmmm, what have we here?
    • Clap at the egg to make it hatch.
      • Player: *Gasp!* It''s hatching!
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheep!
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheep cheep-chirp chirp? (Am you my daddy?)
      • Player:
      • Phoenix eggling: Chirp chirpy cheep cheepy cheep? (Will you feed me anyway?)
        • Player: Yes, of course.
          • The phoenix eggling hops happily into your bag.
          • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeeeeep! Chirp, cheepy cheep chirp? (Wheeeee! Now, where am my ashes?)
        • Player: I have enough mouths to feed as it is.
          • Dialogue missing
    • Kick the egg to make it hatch
      • Player: *Gasp!* It''s hatching!
      • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bwaa bwik bwark! (You kicked my egg!)
      • Player: Er, it wasn't me.
      • Phoenix eggling: Bwik bwark! Bwark bwak bwar! (It was! Now you have to gimme food!)
        • Pick up the eggling
          • Phoenix eggling: Bwik bwarky bwark bwar? (Where's the ashes you promised?)
        • Dialogue missing

Cute egglingEdit

Conversation 1Edit

  • Phoenix eggling: Chip cheep chirrurp cheep? (Does you think me are cute?)
    • Player: Extremely cute!
      • Phoenix eggling: Chip chireep? Cheep chirrup cheep? (You mean it? You not just saying that?)
      • Player: I mean it, I swear! Your cuteness makes a fluffy bunny look like the shaved rear end of a sheep.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheep cheep chirp. (Me bet you says that to all the pets.)
    • Player: Sickeningly cute.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeep?! (Whaaaaat?)
      • Player: When I look at you, my heart is filled with sunshine. It sickens me.
      • Phoenix eggling: ... (...)
    • Player: Meh, you're quite cute I suppose.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeep?! Chirrup cheeep?! (Whaaaaat? Only quite?)
      • Player: I'm just not a cute kind of guy/girl.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheep cheep chirrup cheep? (Why does you has me as a pet, then?)
      • Player: To show off my uber summoning skill, which is [Summoning level], by the way.
      • Phoenix eggling: Chip chirreep cheep. (Me am a trophy pet.)
    • Player: Not all that cute.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeep? (Whaaaaat?)
      • Player: Look, you're nice and everything, I just don't think you're that cute.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeep chirp chirrup chip cheep, cheeep chereeep! CHEREEEEP! (Me don't care what you says, me are beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!)
    • Player: Not at all, and that's a good thing.
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeep? (Whaaaaat?)
      • Player: You're a fiery bird who devours the burnt remains of my foes. While not cute, that is awesome!
      • Phoenix eggling: Cheeeep chip chirrup. (Yeeeeah. *The eggling eyes you suspiciously*)

Conversation 2Edit

  • Phoenix eggling: Cheep cheepy-chirp chir? (Can me has ashes?)
  • Player: I'll get you some soon, I promise.
  • Phoenix eggling: Chirreeeeeeeeep! (Okaaaaaaaaaay!)

Conversation 3Edit

  • Phoenix eggling: Cheep chirreep chirrup, cheep chip chirp? (What came first, chickens or eggs?)
  • Player: Eggs.
  • Phoenix eggling: Cheereep? Cheep chip chireep chirup cheep? (Really? You knows the answer? For reals and for trues?)
  • Player: Of course! Dragons were laying eggs long before chickens were on the scene.
  • Phoenix eggling: Cheep chip chirp chirrup. (That not what me meant.)

Conversation 4Edit

  • Phoenix eggling: Cheep chirrup chirp cheerp. (You killed my mummy.)
  • Player: I know. I'm sorry.
  • Phoenix eggling: Chirp chirrup cheep? Chirpy chip cheep chir! (Why am you sorry? You killed my mummy so she can has new life!)
  • Player: Phew. I'm glad that's under the rug. That's one conversation I did NOT want to have.

Attempting to take it into the Phoenix LairEdit

  • Phoenix eggling: Why am you bringing me here? I no want to see you fight my mummy! Put me in your bag if you want to go in.

Attempting to drop it in the Phoenix LairEdit

  • Phoenix eggling: Me not coming out in here! Me no want to see you fight mummy!

Mean egglingEdit

Conversation 1Edit

    • Player: How do you drop an egg six feet without breaking it?
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark buwk bwark bwak, bwik bwuk. Bwark? (You are an expert on smashing eggs, so if anyone knows, it's you. How?)
    • Player: Drop it SEVEN feet. It won't break for the first six!
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bark bwuk bwik bwurk. Bwuk bwark bwik bwarkwa. (You're an egg-icidal maniac, and that's not funny.)

Conversation 2Edit

    • Player: Wait a minute, where did you get a scar?
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bwik bwak bwark bwark? (You mean you don't remember?)
    • Player: Remember what?
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwak bwik bwark, bwakwak bwarkark bwik bwak! (You did it, when you kicked my flipping egg in!)
    • Player: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry about that.
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bwuk bwak... (You will be...)
    • Player: ...

Conversation 3Edit

    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bwik bwak! (Gimme some ash!)
    • Player: What's the magic word?
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwakwabwikbwakra! Bwak, bwark bwik bwak. (Abracadabra! Now, gimme some ash.)
    • Player: Not with THAT attitude!

Conversation 4Edit

    • Player: Knock knock.
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwuku, bwark bwak bwik. Bwuk bwak? (Okay, I'll play along. Who's there?)
    • Player: The yolk's on.
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwark bwuk bwak bwook? (The yolk's on who?)
    • Player: The yolk's on YOU!
    • Phoenix: (Will you please stop telling my eggling terrible jokes?)
    • Player: Sorry!
    • Phoenix eggling: Bwuk bwark bwak bwik bwarkark! (Looks like the yolk's on you after all!)

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