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  • Grand Vizier Hassan: I have a task for you. Could you deliver a progress report to Emir Ali? I have matters to attend to here and I require his approval.
    • Quest details screen appears
Accept Quest
    • Grand Vizier Hassan: Before you go Osman wanted a book from the Grand Library, remember? Do us both a favour and find that before you head to Al Kharid.

The Grand LibraryEdit

  • Kohnen the librarian: Hi, can I help you?
  • Player: Hi, I'm looking for a book.
  • Kohnen the librarian: Ssh! This is a library! Speak quieter!
  • Player: No need to shout!
  • Kohnen the librarian: Ssh! Ssh!
  • *whisper* I'm looking for a book.
    • Kohnen the librarian: I'm sure we'll have it, there are plenty here.
    • Player: A reliable source on the lineage of Menaphite royalty.
    • Kohnen the librarian: I'm afraid to say they were all burned, and the last chief librarian along with them. I can't help you, by royal decree.
    • Player: Really? Do you know anyone that could?
    • Kohnen the librarian: You would need to talk to someone outside of Menaphos. Look for Aristarchus in Pollnivneach, he's reputed to be something of an expert in the field and used to work here. If you need help getting there, talk to Kags the ferryman in the Ports district. Before you go, however, you will need to authorise his passage into the city with the guard corp. Talk to Akhomet near the Grand Pyramid, although it may not be easy to convince her.
    • Player: Thank you so much!
    • Kohnen the librarian: Keep your voice down before I change my mind and call the guards!
      • (Dialogue ends)
  • I'm looking for a book!
    • Player: Hi, I'm looking for a book!
    • Kohnen the librarian: Did you not hear me the first time? Speak quietly, or I will have to call the guards and have you forcefully ejected!
    • *whisper* I'm looking for a book.
      • (Continues above)
    • [Continue to shout.]
      • Kohnen the librarian: GUARDS!
      • Screen fades out and then fades in.
        • (Dialogue ends, and you appear outside the Grand Library.)
    • How come you get to speak loudly?
      • (Continues below)
  • How come you get to speak loudly?
    • Kohnen the librarian: Look around you. Everything you see here is my kingdom, every page a peasant in my empire and every manuscript a loyal vassal, residuals in the pursuit of knowledge. Is it really so surprising that a king would demand silence in his court?
    • Player: I had no idea, I'll try to keep my voice down.
    • Kohnen the librarian: I had no idea, MY LIEGE!
    • Player: Don't push it.
      • (continues with first option)

Speaking to Commander Akhomet (Imperial)Edit

  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
    • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Good day!
    • Player: Hello, Akhomet, I have a favour to ask of you. I need passage for someone to get into the city.
    • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): You do realise the city is in lockdown, don't you?
    • Player: I've been to Sophanem and the plague is not contagious. Regardless, this man is a scholar and a citizen of Menaphos: Aristarchus.
    • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): If I'm honest, I've had my suspicions about the plague. We have been receiving communications from the high priest in Sophanem, so it is encouraging to hear corroboration.
    • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): This Aristarchus, you say he's a scholar? What does he specialise in?
    • Camels
      • Player: He specialises in the study of camels and camelkind.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): You expect me to believe there is an academic study centred around those fetid animals?
      • Player: Some camels may be mean-spirited, but shouldn't be taken for granted. Some people even worship them.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): I don't believe you. The desert pantheon already has an abundance of animal-headed deities, none of them camels.
      • Player: Have you not at least heard of the legendary Akthanakos, one of the Stern Judges of Icthlarin?
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Now you're just making things up. You won't blag your way out of this one - tell me the truth.
        • (Shows other options)
    • Historical text and bloodlines.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): You do realise that is a field of research explicitly forbidden by decree of the Pharaoh?
      • Player: I have been made aware of it, yes.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Well, first and foremost, this fellow is a citizen of Menaphos and he deserves to return home. As for his field of study, I'm not sure I agree with the Pharaoh's restriction of information. ... but if this Aristarchus person doesn't outright tell me he is doing so, then I have no reason to believe he will break this royal decree. I will send a message to the guards at the gate to let him in. If you are off to Pollnivneach, I would be careful, however. Turncoats and thugs from my own guard have gathered there, some of whom attempted to assassinate the Pharaoh. They claimed him a thrall of Tumeken - such nonsense. I do not know what lies they have been told, or tell themselves, but they are no less dangerous for it.
      • Player: I'll be sure to keep an eye out, thanks for your help.
        • (Dialogue ends)
    • Social sciences.
      • Player: He specialises in social sciences.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): You're kidding, right? Why would we need social sciences? You expect me to believe people actually study that?
      • Player: People study social science because social phenomena affect people's lives in profound ways.
      • Commander Akhomet (Imperial): Hah, good one! The Pharaoh and the gods are the only ones profound enough to affect our lives. What does he really study? No more lies!
        • (Shows other options)
  • How did you become the leader of the Menaphite Guard?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • What do you do around here?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)


Speaking to Aristarchus
  • Aristarchus: Good day, [sir/madam]. Are you interested in the history of this area?
  • Talk about Our Man in the North
    • Player: Hi, Aristarchus, I've been told you are something of an expert on the royal bloodline of Menaphos?
    • Aristarchus: Indubitably so. I have pledged my life in scientific service to this land and its people. Well, there are numerous epistemological limitations that prevent me from applying the scientific method in my tenure, it's just that the sibilance sounds superior.
    • Player: I could use your help finding a reliable source regarding the lineage of the throne of Menaphos.
    • Aristarchus: That would be a truly impossible task for anyone less resourceful than I! I know of a sequestered stash within the Grand Library of Menaphos itself! The only catch is that we need to be inside Menaphos, and that is no trivial task.
    • Player: The current head librarian in Menaphos thought as much, and I got clearance for you to enter before I came here.
    • Aristarchus: Unbelievable! I can return home? You have no idea what you've done, this is brilliant news! Give me some time to get my things together; I'll meet you in the Grand Library.
    • Screen fades out and then fades in. A menaphite thug is now standing a square away from Aristarchus.
    • Menaphite Thug: Oy, Ari! The lady has been getting me to tail you and it finally paid off! Do you have any idea how boring your life is?
    • Aristarchus: What? Why have you been watching me?
    • Menaphite Thug: That's above my pay grade... but a pass to enter Menaphos? That's something we can make use of. I reckon I could make a great Ari, but first let's make the old one unrecognisable...
    • Player: You're making a mistake. Back away now.
    • Menaphite Thug: We can rough up both of you, no problem for me and the boys. Let's go, lads!
    • (Dialogue ends and combat with four menaphite thugs commences)
  • Yes, I want to know more about the desert!
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Why should I care about what happened thousands of years ago?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
  • Who are you?
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
Dealing with the menaphite thugs
  • Menaphite thugs may say any one of the following above-head text at random:
    • Pretty good with a sword, eh? Let's see how that works out for ya!
    • Boys, we got a wizard over here. Give 'em a bash to the noggin'!
    • Your lobster bisque can't save you now!
    • Bit of a coward? Let's see how well you can pull back a bowstring after this!

Back in the Grand LibraryEdit

  • Aristarchus: Fantastic to see the traveller who got me back into Menaphos! Although, let me tell you, the 'plague test' at the gate wasn't pleasant in the slightest.
  • Player: Plague test? What plague test? I didn't have to have one of those when I arrived.
  • Aristarchus: Well, how fortunate for you. Anyway... I took the effort to procure you the book as soon as I could. Don't judge the source by its sleeve - there is a reason it has evaded incineration... though I've no doubt it will have confused a number of toddlers.
  • Player: 'The Hawfully Hungry Hyena', by Hal E Gator and Rhoda Camel? Seriously?
  • Aristarchus: Don't knock it - it's a children's classic.
  • Disguised royal bloodline source appears in your inventory.
  • Aristarchus: Just a single source is unlikely to hold up to scrutiny. Any good historian knows how important it is to corroborate a story. It's a real shame there's no eyewitnesses or living sources from around the time you could talk to.
  • Player: Like, say, the lingering spirit of a renowned Pharaoh Queen of old?
  • Aristarchus: Ha! If only historical research were so simple; I'd be out of a job!
    • (Dialogue ends)

At the MastabaEdit

Fading into a cutscene as soon as you enter the Mastaba
  • Ambassador Jabari: My liege, do you remember Player?
  • Pharaoh: Was that the troublesome ox farmer or the captain of my guard?
  • Ambassador Jabari: Neither of those, sire, they are a traveller who has been meddling in our affairs around the city.
  • Pharaoh: Oh? So what? What could they potentially do that could prove problematic to those picked by the gods?
  • Ambassador Jabari: I have heard from our sources in the library that they have been searching for evidence of your claim to the throne. More importantly, they have been seeking to reunite the throne with the line of Senliten.
  • Pharaoh: Hah, fools! Why would I care about that? Just as Senliten's line was chosen by Tumeken, I too have received a blessing from the gods! I am the chosen ruler in Menaphos and there is nothing some snivelling scrounger can do to affect that!
  • Ambassador Jabari: But we should really sto-
  • Pharaoh: No! You should stop! I have said all I shall on the subject. Speak no more of it.
  • Ambassador Jabari: As you wish, my lord.
    • (Cutscene ends)
Speaking with Senliten
  • Senliten: Greetings, Player.
  • Talk about Dealing With Scabaras.
  • Talk about Do No Evil.
  • Talk about Crocodile Tears.
  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
    • Senliten: What is it you wish to discuss?
    • Player: I'm doing something of a favour for Osman.
    • Leela: Oh, he hasn't got you spying for him, has he? Honestly, my father!
    • Player: Nothing like that. In fact, definitely not that. Menaphos opened its gates to Al Kharid. They want to set up new trade to help cement the peace. The Emir sent me to keep Hassan safe and assist wherever I could. He made a point that I wasn't to spy and risk this deal. Osman didn't suggest anything different. All he wanted was information on the lineage of the old pharaohs. I've found most of it, but there appears to be missing information. It appears that information about Senliten and Osmumten has been removed. I was hoping you might be able to fill in the gaps.
    • Leela: So that's his plan? Why couldn't he have just have told me?
    • Senliten: It is a risky plan, one with a high chance of failure. Perhaps he wished to keep you out of it, keep you safe.
    • Leela: It's a huge risk! He could incite another war. He needs all the help he can get. Yet even if he succeeds, it would only solve a symptom, not the cause. That's what we're doing; if only he'd listen to us... to me!
    • Senliten: Both issues are worthy of being rectified, and both must be resolved if the Kharidan Desert is ever to fully heal.
    • Player: I'm sorry, I think I'm missing something. Why would this be a problem? He's just asked for some public records.
    • Senliten: Although we have not been explicit about it, I am sure you must have picked up on the truth here...That the curses in this place do not affect those whom respect my bloodline.
    • Leela: Specifically meaning those who work in its interests, such as you and I.
    • Player: Right, it's why we're both safe from the curses. We came here to restore Senliten.
    • Senliten: More tellingly, protected are those who also share my bloodline... and those that show them the proper respect.
    • I'm Senliten's descendant?
      • Leela: No, silly. It's my father and me.
      • Player: Oh, well, it was worth a shot, I guess.
      • Player: Wait, so you ARE a princess?
        • (Same as below)
    • Emir Ali is Senliten's descendant?
      • Senliten: Ah, a fair guess, I'll grant you that. His right of rule is only given by men. The first of the Menaphite pharaohs was chosen by Tumeken himself. By Leela's account, Emir Ali is a good man. But no, it is Osman and Leela that are of my bloodline.
      • Leela: My father is the rightful Pharaoh of Menaphos.
      • Player: Wait, so you ARE a princess?
        • (Same as below)
    • Osman and Leela are Senliten's descendants?
      • Senliten: Good! You have been paying attention.
      • Player: It's why you suggested those showing Leela the proper respect would go far, yes?
      • Leela: Perhaps... one day... but my father is rightfully next in the line of succession.
      • Player: Wait, so you ARE a princess?
      • Leela: Perhaps by blood, but Senliten's line was overthrown centuries ago. My father has you delivering proof of our ancestry. If he were able to connect us with Senliten through official records, he could challenge the current Pharaoh's rule. He is building towards a coup, and has you caught right in the middle of it... though he would not risk raising suspicions in Menaphos if he did not already have something.
      • Player: Ah. Why is this a bad thing, though?
      • Senliten: It is not. This is one of the ancient wrongs that should be righted. The line of kings should be restored, and Osman is next in line.
      • Leela: It's just very, very dangerous, and he's trying to achieve it alone.
      • Senliten: He is also going about it the wrong way.
      • Player: How do you mean? How is Osman trying to overthrow the Pharaoh a bad thing?
      • Senliten: Let me tell you another story so you might understand, this time from after my death. When I passed, my son, Osmumten, became Pharaoh. He inherited a kingdom at war with the ancient enemy. He would often visit me here in my tomb for counsel. One time, Tumeken himself bid my son here to seek me out; this was the day that Tumeken laid down his own life to spare his people, thus bringing an end to war. Osmumten was left to rule alone, and rebuild. It was he who decreed the creation of both Menaphos and Sophanem as you know them today. To build a city where only tents had stood, as a bastion against our lands that were rapidly turning into desert. He toiled day and night, yet did not order others to follow his example, but follow him they did. His fortitude and will inspired his people to survive in the wake of our god's passing. His strength inspired them, a strength that persisted throughout his rule.
      • What happened to him in the end?
        • Senliten: Others of our people did not respond so well to the loss of Tumeken. They blamed him for turning our lands into a desert. They did not recognize it as the cost of survival, for without his sacrifice, we would have lost everything regardless. They stopped worshipping him, questioned his past decisions and began to question his authority. Their minds became infected with doubt and contempt. Ultimately, they began to question my son's right to rule for he was one Chosen of Tumeken, and now the only physical embodiment of his rule. The might of Menaphos was loyal to him, however, so they dared not challenge him openly. They plotted in the dark, conspired against him, using trickery and subterfuge to wear down his resolve. Eventually, they struck - an assassin that had worked up through the ranks of his royal guard. At least his death was swift. He was supplanted, the royal bloodline was deposed, and Menaphos has been ruled over by the descendants of that usurper ever since.
        • I'm sorry to hear that.
          • Player: I'm sorry to hear that.
          • Senliten Thank you. It is not easy for me to have to remember this.
            • (Shows other options)
        • What came next?
          • Senliten: My son did not get the respect in death that I did. Indeed, I fully suspect his usurper was behind the desecration of my tomb. The chosen of Tumeken were strong of will, yet those that had replaced it were weak of mind. They ruled as they plotted, not from the front, but from the shadows. They subjugated the weak, taxed the rich, divided the people by class. Their minds poisoned the minds of all they ruled. Much of this I have only learned since my restoration. It is a wonder that Menaphos stands still to this day, with rulers such as it has had.
            • (Continues below)
        • Where are you going with this?
          • (Continues below)
      • Where are you going with this?
        • Player: Where are you going with this? What does all of this history have to do with Osman?
        • Senliten: That there is more to the strength of man and woman than is seen in the throes of war. That strength is not simply physical might, but also strength of will and character. And that deception and plotting are not traits that should be sought in a leader. Those are the traits of our enemy, yet these are the methods Osman employs in his bid for power. Even if he succeeds in his goal, I fear for what that means for his rule. He is of the line of kings and, as such, he should act like one and lead by example. You must investigate why the people of the desert have become so weak of mind and will.
        • Player: Are you really going to send me to see Jex and the Sphinx again?
        • Senliten: No. By now you have either learned of our ways or you do not with to. It matters not which. What you need to know, however, is something that Osman does not. Three things, in fact. One, that Leela and I fully suspect now that Amascut was behind my son's downfall, as a means of corrupting the god Het - he being our pantheon's god of strength. Two, that I fear Osman himself is an extension of this plot. He is walking a dangerous path alone, and he must stop before it is too late. And finally, only once he has acknowledged these two points, that I can tell him what he needs to make his claim. That being the name of my grandchild, who was smuggled out to safety as my son died - the ancestor whom he can draw back to such that he might prove his royalty.
        • Leela: Please, try to talk my father down from this course of action. He does not listen to me; he might to you.
          • (Dialogue ends)
    • Ozan is Senliten's descendant?
      • Leela: He can barely rule his own head, let alone other people.
      • Senliten: Leela has spoken highly of this Ozan character. But no, it is Osman and Leela that are of my bloodline.
      • Leela: My father is the rightful Pharaoh of Menaphos.
      • Player: Wait, so you ARE a princess?
        • (Same as above)
    • I don't know what.
      • Player: Could you just tell me what you're getting at, please?
      • Senliten: Osman and Leela are my descendants, and therefore are the rightful rulers of Menaphos, the chosen of Tumeken.
      • Leela: My father is the rightful Pharaoh of Menaphos.
      • Player: Wait, so you ARE a princess?
        • (Same as above)
  • Ask about something else.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)

Al KharidEdit

Speaking with Osman
  • Osman: Greetings, Player. Do you have the book that I'm looking for?
  • Player: It's right here. Should be exactly what you're looking for.
  • As you hand over the book, you also inform Osman of the three points Senliten asked you to relay.
  • Osman: Senliten has swayed my daughter too much. I must pay them yet another visit, but this time we shall resolve things. Go report to Emir Ali.
    • (Dialogue ends)
Speaking with Emir Ali
  • Emir Ali Mirza: Welcome! It is good to see you again. How can I be of service, friend of Al Kharid?
  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
    • Player: I have a report from Hassan on the current situation in Menaphos.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: I thank you, and I appreciate you going to the trouble of making sure it got to me safely. Now, let us see...
    • Screen fades out, then back in into a cutscene. Jabari can be seen entering the palace.
    • Khoochak: Intruder alert!
    • Ambassador Jabari: I knew I would find you here, Player! You've been digging around in matters well beyond your purview! Give me the book now!
    • Khoochak: Naughty naughty naughty!
    • Osman: The book is already with its rightful owner, Jabari. Your influence has no sway here. Guards!
    • Ambassador Jabari: How did you think I got in here? Your guards are no match for my magic! Now hand over the book or there will be consequences.
    • Khoochak: You and what army?
    • A small explosion sound can be heard, and three Jabari clones appear with a cloud of smoke
    • Ambassador Jabari: This one! Behold the power of Amascut!
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Jabari, what is the meaning of this?
    • Ambassador Jabari: I'll speak slowly so you can understand. This matter concerns a kingdom far more important that your own. Hand over the book and you'll never need to worry about it again.
    • Osman: Do you not know what this book means, Jabari? It is proof that I, Osman, am the rightful heir to the throne of Menaphos! Do you have any allegiance to your city and its people? Or purely to the rogue usurper perched in its pyramid? Or are you so used to your poisonous words influencing his actions that you want the power for yourself?
    • Ambassador Jabari: Why, from what I've heard of Osmumten's tomfoolery, any number of pretty faces could have granted their spawn the same claim to the throne as yours. Pharaoh is a title acquired by virtue alone! You Kharidians could learn a thing or two about virtue. Maybe that could be the reason why your abhorrent hovel pales in comparison to the city of gleaming gold! Besides, I AM loyal to the only TRUE ruler of this desert. Some shared blood and dusty scrolls couldn't matter less to me, 'spymaster'. The bloodline of Senliten fell long ago, and the gods shall not be far behind them. As for my relations with the Pharaoh, don't pretend you don't have a similar situation with your Emir. Although I I have no doubt you don't quite share everything...
    • Osman: Hold your tongue, worm! Don't you dare!
    • Ambassador Jabari: Do you not feel the Emir deserves to hear of your past... collaborations?
    • Emir Ali Mirza: What is he referencing, Osman?
    • Osman: I have no idea, Emir; however, if he continues, I suspect that it could be captured within the caverns of his skull for all eternity.
    • Ambassador Jabari: Very well, Osman. Your secrets are safe with me...
    • Jabari Clone: But not with me! Ever wondered how you were kidnapped so easily, Emir? Osman provided me with your travel plans in exchange for eyewitness accounts of the flight of Osmumten's child.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Osman, is this true?
    • Osman: So we're dragging each other through the swamp, are we? You're not as good at covering your tracks as you think, Jabari. I may not have proof, but I know it was you that killed Emir Shah.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: WHAT?
    • Khoochak: Killed the Emir! Killed the Emir!
    • Ambassador Jabari: I'm surprised you connected the dots. Unlike you, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty for my cause.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: I cannot believe what I am hearing! Both of you shall be arrested immediately! GUARDS!
    • Ambassador Jabari: Guards? I hope you have a lot.
    • Two more Jabari clones appear in a puff of smoke
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Grab Jabari now, Player!
    • Player: Which one?
    • Emir Ali Mirza: All of them!
    • Khoochak: The human must not escape!
    • Jabari and his clones vanish together in puffs of smoke
      • (Cutscene ends)
  • Ask general questions.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
Speaking with Emir Ali after the cutscene
  • Emir Ali Mirza: Welcome! It is good to see you again. How can I be of service, friend of Al Kharid?
  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
Speaking with Osman after the cutscene
  • Osman: Curse Jabari's deceitful tongue! Bring him back alive to set this nonsense right!

Chasing Jabari through Al KharidEdit

Finding Jabari clone #1
  • Player: Found you! You're coming with me.
  • Jabari: So, you're who was sent after me, Player. Meddler. You think I'd make it so easy?
  • Jabari clone explodes
  • Ambassador Jabari: Catch me if you can...
    • (Dialogue ends)
Finding Jabari clone #2
  • Jabari: What will the Emir do with Osman, I wonder.
  • Player: More important, what will Osman do with his claim?
  • Jabari clone explodes
  • Ambassador Jabari: Not even close!
    • (Dialogue ends)
Finding Jabari clone #3
  • Jabari: Osman will NEVER be Pharaoh, you understand. My lady won't allow it.
  • Jabari clone explodes
  • Ambassador Jabari: You're getting warmer!
    • (Dialogue ends)
Finding Jabari clone #4
  • Jabari: Not that it will matter once she's killed HIM.
  • Player: Wait, Amascut plans to kill Osman?
  • Jabari: Kill Osman? Ha! No, nothing so mundane. She has 'bigger tombs to trash', if you get my meaning...
  • Jabari clone explodes
  • Ambassador Jabari: This was fun, but I grow bored.
    • (Dialogue ends)
Finding Jabari clone #5
  • Player: Tell me! Who is Amascut going after?
  • Jabari: You'll find out soon enough. For now, let's settle this! I await you at the Duel Arena...
  • Jabari clone explodes
  • Ambassador Jabari: Face me if you dare.
    • (Dialogue ends)

Facing Jabari at Duel ArenaEdit

Before the duel
  • Ambassador Jabari: Oh, look, here comes Al Kharid's champion. You took your time.
  • Player: And here's Amascut thrall... unless you're hiding behind yet another explosive illusion?
  • Ambassador Jabari: Yes, it's the real me, but how dare you? I am no thrall. I chose to follow her... in my own way.
  • Player: How could you be a willing follower?
  • Ambassador Jabari: Well, I wouldn't go that far. She is just a means to an end, to an outcome I desire.
  • Player: It doesn't matter - you're a schemer, a saboteur, and an assassin. You'll pay for your crimes.
  • Ambassador Jabari: So it's trial by combat, oh self-righteous one? So be it. You'll find that I am not such an easy target. I may not be a cold-blooded killer such as you, but I have my tricks.
  • Player: I've noticed.
  • Ambassador Jabari: I have set the terms of our duel. Do you accept?
  • Player: And what terms would those be?
  • Ambassador Jabari: Just a simple one-on-one duel. I want a fair fight, none of your tricks.
  • Accept Jabari's challenge?
    • Yes.
      • Screen fades out, then fades back in, to reveal you standing in one of the arenas, surrounded by 8 Jabaris.
    • No.

During the duel, before first round
    • Player: I thought you wanted a fair fight!

Cutscene after last round
  • Ambassador Jabari: Gah! You're insufferable! Why didn't my magic work on you?
  • Player: I can see right through you and your petty illusions, Jabari. You're finished.
  • Ambassador Jabari: This is not the end. Not mine, anyway...
  • Jabari casts a spell at you, just as Het materialises in front of you
  • Het: You are defeated. Accept your loss. The arena has chosen its champion.
  • Player: Oh my goddesses, a god!
  • Ambassador Jabari: Het? How are YOU here? My lady corrupted you! You should be a decrepit, sickly mess!
  • Het: The underhand plots of spies and assassins is at an end. My mind is clear; my strength returns. The rule of Al Kharid once more falls to one strong of body and mind.
  • Ambassador Jabari: The Pharaoh shall hear of this! Clearly, Player, you are just an agent of Osman the usurper... a peon of the pantheon! Your hopes of peace are shattered - there will be war again!
  • Het: With my corruption lifted, his mind will be stronger than your snake-tongue is used to.
  • Player: Besides, it would just be your word against mine. The Pharaoh is just as likely to imprison you for trying to sabotage the deal.
  • Ambassador Jabari: You make a fair point. In which case, I shall sic Amascut on you both instead! Until we meet again...
  • Jabari teleports away out of the arena, and the screen fades out and back again to show the Player and Het standing near Surgeon General Tafani

Speaking to Het
  • Player: You're Het.
  • Het: I am, and you are Player.
  • Player: You know me?
  • Surgeon General Tafani: Look lively, nurses, we've got another head injury.
  • Het: Of course. My sisters - Crondis and Apmeken - speak very highly of you. You have helped to treat many wounds in my family.
  • Player: I am honoured that the mighty Het would fight by my side.
  • Hamid No need, ladies. Her damage appears more spiritual than physical. This is a job for your resident hunky monk!
  • Het: Once our brother, Scabaras, reveals himself, the bau of Tumeken shall be whole again. However, when that happens, I fear Amascut's plan for us shall also be complete. When that time comes, I hope that you will stand with us against her. For now, I must take my leave.
  • Player: Where will you go?
  • Het: To start, there is a plague in the southern city of Sophanem I must deal with. After that, I shall meet with my sisters and we shall search for Scabaras together. Until then, farewell.
  • Het vanishes
  • Player: I should probably check back in with Emir Ali.
    • (Dialogue ends)

Wrapping upEdit

Speaking with Emir Ali again
  • Emir Ali Mirza: Welcome! It is good to see you again. How can I be of service, friend of Al Kharid?
  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
    • Screen fades out, then back in into a cutscene
    • Emir Ali Mirza: I can not believe what I am hearing, Osman. You are supposed to be loyal to this emirate, not your own selfish desires.
    • Osman: Do you not see, Emir? This is all for the good of Al Kharid! As Pharaoh, I can cement the peace between our cities. There will be no more intrigue, no more threat of war, no lack of trust. We can unite the entire Kharidian Desert together!
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Yet to achieve this aim, you have betrayed this city! You have betrayed both me and my father. You speak of trust, but you have betrayed that too. Even if you were to remove all obstacles and become Pharaoh, how am I ever to trust you again? Would you send your spies into my midst?
    • Osman: Of course not, I would never. I cared greatly for you father - he was my friend first before being my Emir. I owned him everything. I owe Al Kharid everything. And while I deeply regret my actions with Jabari, they were necessary. I had plans in place to cover all angles.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Except that you didn't! My father died as a result. He would be ashamed of your actions. The ends do not justify the means.
    • Osman: Jabari shall pay for taking your father's life, I swear to you.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: I have no doubt, but so shall you. His blood is on your hands as much as on Jabari's. You are a traitor to the oaths you swore to him and me.
    • Osman: Emir, please. You have to see this is for the greater good!
    • Emir Ali Mirza: It is taking all of my will right now to not have you executed where you stand, rightful Pharaoh or not... but I listened well to my father's words. You shall not die for these actions.
    • Osman: Thank you, Emir. I knew you would see reason.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: You misunderstand me, Osman. Your treasonous acts shall not go unpunished. You are hereby stripped of the rank of spymaster and exiled from Al Kharid forthwith.
    • Osman: Emir, no... Don't do this. You need me! I will be Phara-
    • Emir Ali Mirza: NO! I shall not hear it! Get out of my sight and this city. Should you ever set foot in Al Kharid again, your life will be forfeit.
    • Osman: I... I shall go. But I promise you this, Emir, whether you trust it or not - I shall continue to work towards lasting peace. Perhaps, one day, you might see it in your heart to forgive my actions.
    • Osman teleports away, and the scene changes
      • (Continues in the next)
  • Ask general questions.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
The Lonely Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh: JABARI! JABARI! Where is he? There are so many decisions to be made. No matter - I am the Pharaoh, after all. But how still the day is, nothing makes a sound... or if it does I cannot hear it? I am elevated above all simple strife and people's petty problems. Every man in this world envies me. EVERY MAN IN THIS WORLD ENVIES ME! I have been plucked from my mortal coil by the gods themselves, this realm is just an unfulfilling limbo to an eternity most high. The unyielding affection from my supplicants is the only thing I demand, and in return I do so much for them. But it seems even that which should have come naturally is beyond their seal-limbed grasp. My ascent to godhood is inevitable, this throne just a stepping-stone to even greater power, wherein my words will shake the very sand we stand upon. My worth will be undeniable to every worthless vassal in Gielinor. Guard! Bring in the next beggar! Where is Jabari? JABARI! JABARI!
  • Cutscene fades to black, and when the screen fades in again, you are standing in front of Emir Ali
Speaking to Emir Ali one last time
  • Emir Ali Mirza: Welcome! It is good to see you again. How can I be of service, friend of Al Kharid?
  • Talk about Our Man in the North.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Now that ugly business has been taken care of, what news have you of Jabari?
    • Khoochak: Ugly!
    • Player: Jabari is defeated, but he ran off before I could capture him.
    • Khoochak: Run away! Run away!
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Be quiet, Khoochak.
    • Player: I had Jabari on the ropes, but he wouldn't accept his defeat and tried to attack me again... but Het appeared and interceded in our duel.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Het? He was always a protector of Al Kharid, but his presence has not been felt for many years. I was still young at the time, but now I think of it, he seemed to disappear not long before the war between Menaphos and Al Kharid began. Our troops took it as an ill omen, and though the war itself was more than just a series of stalemates, it did mark the decline of my father's rule.
    • Player: Het mentioned something about the exposure of underhand plots clearing his mind. I fear Asmascut's involvement in this.
    • Emir Ali Mirza: Het's disappearance, my kidnapping, my father's death, Osman's corruption. This all leads back to that diamond, I have no doubt. Still, if Het showed himself to you, then perhaps things are not completely lost.
    • Player: Until Amascut is dealt with fully, anything could happen.
    • Khoochak: *smacks*
      • (Dialogue ends)
  • Ask general questions.
    • (Non-quest dialogue)
Congratulations! Quest complete!