At the Divination campEdit

  • (Transcript missing. edit)

In BurthorpeEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: Can you remember now too? I had forgotten. We had all forgotten. Now I know we have to go!
  • Orla Fairweather: The Memorial to Guthix has been waiting for us to remember. Shall we go together?
  • Teleport to the Memorial to Guthix?
    • Yes.
      • The player gets teleported.
    • No.
      • (The dialogue terminates.)

At Memorial to GuthixEdit

First timeEdit

  • Player: What is this place?
  • Orla Fairweather: It's been here for years, my dead. I knew of it, I've read of it, but we could never see it. It was kept hidden from view for reasons I know not.
  • Orla Fairweather: Ever since Guthix left this world, I've been gaining an ever-increasing sense of this place's existence.
  • Orla Fairweather: Tiny strands of Guthixian memories have started appearing near Divination craters. It seems like they were hidden from view until now.
  • Orla Fairweather: I'll try to explain what I've been researching since I've been here. It's all coming back to me slowly.
  • Orla Fairweather: It all starts with engrams. Engrams are permanent markers left on the timeline.
  • Orla Fairweather: They're caused by the significant activities of living things and can only be spotted by those who have an adept understanding of Divination.
  • Orla Fairweather: It is possible to charge these engrams by infusing them with divine energy and memory strands.
  • Player: What does that do to them?
  • Orla Fairweather: Oh, it's a theatre of light and magic, my dear. The engrams hold an echo of history.
  • Player: These 'echoes' all belong to Guthix, right? Engrams, memory strands, divine energy...they're all part of Guthix's residual life-force.
  • Orla Fairweather: How very astute. I suppose I should expect nothing less from you.
  • Orla Fairweather: I have only ever charged a couple of weak engrams, but they were both from the viewpoints of Guthix himself. We can assume that the rest are almost certainly related to Guthix as well.
  • Player: There could be so much valuable information stored in these engrams. How do we find them?
  • Orla Fairweather: In the centre of this concourse behind me, you'll see a pool brimming with energy. You'll probably sense it before you see it. It gives off such a glorious aura.
  • Orla Fairweather: All of the plinths inside the building are somehow connected to this pool.
  • Orla Fairweather: Once charged, I could display the echoes found inside the engrams there, just like statues of raw life; animated echoes of reality.
  • Orla Fairweather: If you tinker with the plinths, you may be able to discover a vague idea of locations of other engrams. I can't promise that they will be easy to detect, though.
  • Player: So once I've found an engram, I can charge it by filling it with divine energy and these memory strands?
  • Orla Fairweather: Yes, and then bring it to me. I can get the pool of energy to absorb any charged engrams that you bring here. After that, you should be free to interact with the echoes as you see fit.
  • Player: This seems simple enough, but let me quickly recap.
  • Player: I need to use the plinths to get hints about where to find the engrams, then charge these engrams with memory strands and divine energy, and then give them to you to add to the pool here?
  • Orla Fairweather: Yep, it seems that you've got it.
  • Orla Fairweather: Oh, one more thing!
  • Player: Hmm?
  • Orla Fairweather: The pool of energy. Once I had charged some engrams, I noticed that I felt a stronger connection to this place.
  • Orla Fairweather: Perhaps we can focus the energy in this place to help you with your Divination skill? Just a hunch, of course.
  • Player: Sounds interesting. I'll investigate.
  • Orla Fairweather: Fantastic. Please take one of the engrams that I found, to get yourself started and to gain a feel for them.
  • Orla gives the player the naragi engram.
  • Tutorial stage 1/6 complete.
  • Orla Fairweather: Try not to lose it!


  • Orla Fairweather: See if you can attune the engram that I gave you. It needs to be jump started with some divine energy.

Giving memory strandsEdit

  • Orla can only do that for you once you have prestiged at least once.

Retrieving the naragi engramEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: Oh dear, have you lost touch with the engram I gave you?
  • Orla Fairweather: Here, let's try again. Take this engram.
  • Orla gives the player the naragi engram.
  • Orla Fairweather: Try not to lose it!

Returning with the charged naragi engramEdit

  • Player: I've charges this engram with divine energy and some memory strands. Could you please take a look at it?
  • Orla Fairweather: This is perfect! I can feel the energies of the past radiating from this engram.
  • Tutorial stage 2/6 complete.
  • Orla Fairweather: I will add the echo to the pool and harness its power for you. For free, of course, though I wouldn't mind a pat on the back every now and then.

Talking to againEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: I've added the charged engram you gave me to the pool of energy. You should assign that echo to one of the plinths surrounding the pool.

Adding the naragi echoEdit

  • Tutorial stage 3/6 complete.

Talking to once againEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: That echo, my dear: is that a naragi?
  • Orla Fairweather: I've only read descriptions, but it makes sense. I wonder what we can learn from it?

Checking the naragiEdit

  • What would you like to do?
    • Talk to the echo.
      • Guthix: The nature of things is a perfect cycle, from one state to another, and a return to prior existence.
      • Guthix: Things that once existed, yet now are lost, may yet return and in improved form.
      • Guthix: That which is no more shall return again, renewed with more vigour and power than before.
      • Guthix: Those who remember the past will see the truth in my words.
      • Guthix: Of future events, I see most clear, yet things that must be, must be.
      • Guthix: I could change them if I so desired, but I do not, for all things must happen as they run their course.
      • Tutorial stage 4/6 complete.
    • Clear this plinth.
      • The echo plinth is cleared.

Returning to OrlaEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: Knowledge is power. That metaphor has an almost tangible weight in times like these. We exist merrily beside beings capable of smiting us with an utterance.
  • Orla Fairweather: Some days I stand and bask in the serenity of this world, yet on others I feel like a helpless observer in a world where tyrannical children run amok.
  • Orla Fairweather: The chance for even a miniscule rebalance is not to be scoffed at, should the opportunity present itself, my dear. Let us tinker with the powers here and see what arises.
  • Player: What is it that you're asking me to do?
  • Orla Fairweather: Sorry, I sometimes go off on a tangent.
  • Orla Fairweather: The butterfly statue at the edge of the energy pool controls the flow of energy here. You should be able to power up your Divination skill by tinkering with it. Let me know if it works.

Directing the fountain of energyEdit

  • Tutorial stage 5/6 complete.

Finishing the tutorialEdit

  • Orla Fairweather: Did you manage to power up your Divination abilities in any way?
  • Player: I picked an effect and locked the energy to it. It seems like there are more options for me there, but I couldn't quite access them.
  • Orla Fairweather: Oh, I knew you could do it! I couldn't manage it myself, but I knew there was something to that statue as soon as I found this place.
  • Orla Fairweather: For allowing me to learn from you, I will allow you to learn from me in return!
  • Orla Fairweather: There's now almost no limit to the number of chronicles you can carry, and they should also be a bit easier to find.
  • Tutorial stage 6/6 complete.
  • Player: That's very kind of you. Thanks!

After the tutorialEdit

  • Talk to Orla
    • Have you got anything else for me?
      • (With not enough engrams:)
        • Orla Fairweather: You haven't attuned enough engrams for your reward!
      • (With enough engrams:)
        • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Nevermind.
      • Orla Fairweather: You can get a feel for the locations of engrams by interacting with the plinths.

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