Conversation 1Edit

  • Nexterminator: NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!
  • Player: Oh yeah? This ought to be interesting.
  • Nexterminator: Fumus! Umbra! Cruor! Glacies! Do not fail me!
  • Player: ...
  • Nexterminator: ...Fumus? ...Umbra?
  • Player: Do you actually know where we are?
  • Nexterminator: It was worth a try.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Nexterminator: Fill my soul with smoke!
  • Player: I don't think so. That's very bad for you!
  • Nexterminator: In that case...
  • Nexterminator: Darken my shadow!
  • Player: Really? I mean, it's a shadow..It's already pretty dark.
  • Nexterminator: Fine. Flood my lungs with blood!
  • Player: I'd really rather not.
  • Nexterminator: Infuse me with the power of ice, at least?
  • Player: You have some really weird requests.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Player: Can you tell me more about the Nihil?
  • Nexterminator: Why do you ask me?
  • Nexterminator: I do not wish to speak of those primitive creatures.
  • Nexterminator: You humans associate Nex with them, but Zaros chose her!
  • Nexterminator: She chose to rise as one of his most trusted servants. It is an insult to compare her to them!

If the player wears a Zaryte bowEdit

  • Nexterminator: <Player>, I'm particularly proud of you today.
  • Player: Yeah? Why's that?
  • Nexterminator: Well, I've been watching you and today of all days...
  • Nexterminator: It's good to see you're using ZA-RYTE BOW!
  • Nexterminator: Za-ryte! The right! Get it?!
  • Player: ...
  • Player: Hahahahaha!
  • Player: That's not funny.

In Nex's boss roomEdit

  • Nexterminator: Wow, look at that room! Can we go down there, <Player>?
  • Player: Hmm... I'm not really sure you want to do that.
  • Nexterminator: Why not! It looks like the best room ever. I'd love to go down there! I'd stay there for ever!
  • Player: Ah, the irony

In other god camps Edit

  • Nexterminator: I don't like it in this room anymore, <Player>.

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