Draynor VillageEdit

During the Battle of LumbridgeEdit

    • Player: Anything interesting happening in Draynor Village?
      • Ned: Well, there's a battle going on to the east between two gods. I s'pose that's interesting.
      • Player: You seem pretty calm about it.
      • Ned: Laddy/Girly after everything I've seen in my life, a mere battle between gods doesn't ruffle my feathers. I just keep away and I'm fine.


  • Ned: Now I see why all the other captains said I'd be mad to go near Crandor. It looks like we're stranded.
  • Player: Don't worry about that. I found a secret passage in the dragon's lair that leads off the island!
  • Ned: Oh, that's good. I'll be able to get back to Draynor somehow, if I can sneak past all the skeletons and demons on this island!

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