Speaking to Necrovarus for the first time

  • Necrovarus: Oh gods, more of you blasted adventurers here to foil my plans!

Speaking to Necrovarus after the first time

  • Necrovarus:(after first time): Oh gods, you again! Here to try and foil my plans no doubt.
  • Player:
    • What is this thing?
      • Necrovarus: It's my new and improved ectofuntus. Just look at it, it's glorious!
    • How do I use it?
      • Necrovarus: You mean you've never used an ectofuntus before? Hah! I'd rather not waste my time explaining, but if you must know I've actually made some ingenious improvements! For starters, you now only need to bring bones to use it. No buckets or pots necessary. Now, listen up because I only want to explain this once. Step one! Crush those remains into a fine dust at the bone grinder just to the west of me. This will get you pots of bonemeal. Step two! Scoop buckets of ectoplasm from the pool of slime located at the top of the stairs to the east of me. As I said, no buckets required. Step three! Bring your bonemeal and your ectoplasm here - to the ectofuntus = and pray. The more you honour the dead, the more skilled you will become.
    • How does it work?
      • Necrovarus: How does it work? What is this, amateur hour? Here, take a copy of my notes and educate yourself. I do not have time to explain the intricacies of prayer to every dull adventurer that comes my way!
    • Why are you here?
      • Necrovarus: I'm a ghost of course! I can come and go as I please thank you very much.
      • Player: Yes, but why have you chosen to come here and set up your ectofuntus?
      • Necrovarus: I thought I told you already? It's the perfect place! So much ectoplasm! Such a strong connection between the realms of the living and the dead!
      • Player: Why do you need the ectofuntus though?
      • Necrovarus: Well of course, I do have my plans... But I would never share them with such a simpleton!
    • Comment on his appearance.
      • Player: Do they have doctors in the Underworld?
      • Necrovarus: What kind of ridiculous question is that?
      • Player: I just thought you might need to see someone. Your complexion is a bit... green.
      • Necrovarus: There's nothing wrong with my complexion. I'm a ghost!
      • Player: You look like someone sneezed...
      • Necrovarus: You'll regret speaking to me like that you petulant wretch!
    • Goodbye.

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