After defeating him, Mosschin will say:

  • Mosschin: You have defeated me, human. Ask your questions.
  • Player: Where is Yu'biusk?
  • Mosschin: Far, far away on the other side of the world. Long ago, the Big High War God brought goblins from Yu'biusk. The priest who came before me said that whenever goblins die in battle and their blood spills onto the ground, Yu'biusk is close and their souls can travel there.
  • Player: What was your predecessor's name?
  • Mosschin: Redeyes.
  • Player: Why did you attack me?
  • Mosschin: I only answer the questions of those who are worthy. I had to test you.
  • Player: What's it like being dead?
  • Mosschin: All alone. I thought my soul would travel to Yu'biusk. But perhaps I was not worthy.
  • Player: Goodbye.
  • Mosschin: Goodbye, human.

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