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  • Millie Miller: Hello, adventurer. Welcome to Mill Lane Mill. Can I help you?
  • I'm looking for extra fine flour (only available during quest Cook's Assistant before getting extra fine flour)
    • Millie Miller: What's wrong with ordinary flour?
    • Player: Well, I'm no expert chef, but apparently it makes better cakes. This cake, you see, is for Duke Horacio.
    • Millie Miller: Really? How marvellous! Well, I can sure help you out there. Go ahead and use the mill and I'll realign the millstones to produce extra fine flour. Anything else?
    • How do I mill flour?
      • -leads to the "How do I mill flour?" dialogue-
    • I'm fine, thanks.
  • Who are you? (not available during quest Cook's Assistant before getting extra fine flour)
  • What is this place?
  • How do I mill flour?
  • Can you tell me about the battlefield?
    • Millie Miller: Yes, you can see the battlefield well from here. Saradomin has his camp right outside, and it's not good for business!
    • Millie Miller: Fortunately he's currently focusing mainly south, towards Zamorak, and we seem to have escaped the worse!
    • Millie Miller: So we do the best we can. I can only hope that it is over soon!
  • I'm fine, thanks.

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