• Mike: Wanna buy some clothes? Good quality, none of yer rags.
  • Player: Where did that pillar come from?
  • Mike: You wanna buy it?
  • Player: Is it for sale?
  • Mike: Would you buy it if it was?
  • Player: If it was could you sell it to me?
  • Mike: If I couldn't would you still give me the money?
  • Player: No.
  • Player: Where did this pillar come from?
  • Mike: Dunno. There are a load of islands out this way, and a lot of them have little bits and pieces like this scattered around.
  • Mike: The way I see it, there must have been some more people out here at one point, then they went away.
  • Player: Where?
  • Mike: Search me.
  • Player: I'd rather not.

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