May it sink to the bottom of the ocean along with all its inhabitants! May they never leave its watery borders and be forced to live out the rest of their lives as hideous sea creatures!

Yes, they will learn my true power. Insolent 'tutors'. How dare they try to confine me to this island. Trying to force me to complete their menial tasks in order to leave. It was my own blasted experimentation with portals that landed me here in the first place!

It boggles the mind that these peasants would try to make me cook shrimp on a fire. I am Hector Vivian - I'm a Dark Wizard for crying out loud! I cook with fire spells. Oh, and that combat tutor attempting to make me wield a bronze dagger... I AM A DARK WIZARD. I will not wield a puny butter knife! I hear he is leaving the island, how unfortunate that he will not get to enjoy the same watery fate as his friends.

Oh yes, what a delicious idea, the curse will only be breakable by one last adventurer completing their ignominious tasks. HOW DELIGHTFUL! A glimmer of hope, but no one will ever venture to this pitiful island ever again. They will all spend the rest of their days at the bottom of the sea.


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