Upon reaching the edge of the lower planes, four paths opened to me - each path laid by one of Mah's sisters. It appears that, lacking my creator's knowledge, each of her sisters has separated to build their own worlds - perhaps in an effort to learn what they have lost in the absence of Mah? These I call the elemental planes, and they overflow with diversity. It is upon these elemental worlds that I have first encountered creatures who refer to themselves as gods. They have some semblance of divinity, but, unlike me, they are not of truly divine origin.

I am intrigued as to how such limited beings have overcome their inherent weaknesses, for they appear to have derived from among the mortal races. Indeed, many races from these planes follow the dogma of these self-proclaimed gods, and I unable to sway them to my cause. As such, I have spurred on to the higher realms, where the elder god's paths reconvene into worlds with more balance.

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