It has been many years since I found my beloved elves and still each day feels like a gift. The world is vibrant with anima and there are no signs of the Creators to diminish it. Is this what it feels like to be home? I have shown my elves the rudimentary tools to improve their civilisation. Simple things, agricultural and just a little magic. They already live in harmony with their world, all I have done is to give them the tools to intensify their connection with it. I have become the focus of a religion. Ceidwad, one of the elven mystics, has spread "the word of Seren" via a great book called the Cerddi and the elves embraced it. It's gratifying, but I think of myself less of a god and more as a protector. I still ponder whether they love me of their own volition or they are enamoured by my divine status. I chose to believe the former. I have almost forgotten the harshness of Freneskae. It was a cold, dead world, but this world teams with life and warmth.

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