Talking to Max Edit

While Max is skilling at a particular destination

  • Max: How can I help you?
    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Max: Oh, sorry - I'm Max. Some say I'm a bit obsessed with skilling.
      • Player: And I'm Player, nice to meet you.
      • Max: Indeed, so can I help you with anything?
        • (Shows other options)
    • Nice cape you have there...
      • Player: Nice cape you have there...
      • Max: This? Thanks! It's a symbol that I've trained all my skills to level 99.
        • (if the player doesn't have level 99 in all skills)
      • Player: Wow, that's quite impressive.
      • Max: Thanks. I have faith in you, Player - one day you'll be here and I'll sell you one for yourself!
      • Player: We'll see about that, thanks.
      • Max: Farewell and good luck.
        • (if the player has level 99 in all skills)
      • Player: I've maxed all my skills!
      • Max: Indeed so. Would you like a cape to show that fact off? 2,673,000 coins - 99,000 for each skill!
        • I'll take one!
          • Player: I'll take one!
          • Max: Thanks. Enjoy!
        • No, thanks.
          • Player: No, thanks.
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • Player: No, thanks.
      • Max: Farewell, and good luck with your skills.

If Max is travelling to his next destination

  • Max: Can't stop right now! Catch me up at my next stop?

After Max has reached his next destination

  • Max: Sorry about that. XP waste if I stopped back there, eh?
  • Max: How can I help you?
    • (Same as above)

At the release of Invention Edit

Max: How can I help you?

  • Who are you?
    • (Same as above)
  • Don't you usually have a cape on?
    • Player: Don't you usually have a cape on?
    • Max: Yeah, usually...but I have to max invention before I can wear it again.
    • Player: Yeah, I have more training to do before I can wear that cape too.
    • Max: Well, good luck with it. Gotta go - need some inspiration.
  • Nothing, thanks.
    • (Same as above)

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