Man (worried)Edit

  • Player: Hello.
  • Man: Quickly - Tell me, is it still there?
  • Player: Is what still where?
  • Man: The THING, the THING! It was just outside my house! Has it gone away yet? Or is it still lurking out there, waiting for me to go outside?
  • Player: I didn't see any THING out there, just a couple of guards. What did it look like?
  • Man: Ohhh, it was HORRIBLE! It was an enormous THING, with TEETH and EYES and... and... and THINGS!
  • Player: Um... would you care to be more specific?
  • Man: I can't. I only saw it in the dark.
  • Player: You only saw this THING in the dark?
  • Man: I was sleeping peacefully one night, when suddenly I woke up and saw it through the window. It was LOOKING at me! I haven't dared go out since then. It's had me trapped in here for days! I've packed my
  • Man: bags so I can escape, but the THING's still out there waiting for me to come out! If I have to stay in here much longer I'll go mad! MAD!! MAD!!
  • Player: There's no THING outside. Just come out and get some fresh air before you go funny in the head.
  • Man: You want me to go outside?
  • Player: I think you might just have dreamed about the THING.
  • Man: You want me to believe that it's not real?
  • Player: Please come outside!
  • Man: No! No! I know what you are! You're in league with the THING! It keeps sending people in here to trick me into going outside! They keep stealing from me too! GO AWAY!
  • Player: I'm not trying to trick you!
  • Man: Get thee gone, trickster!
  • Player: Sheesh...

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