All dialogue by Malcolm is in Morse code, and has been translated into english here.

Conversation 1Edit

  • You notice Malcolm blinking his light at you quizzically. You're not sure how you know what quizzical blinking looks like.
  • Malcolm: Do you ever wonder what your purpose is?
  • The player has three options to choose from:
  • 1. Player: I believe I was put here to make the world a better place.
    • Malcolm: I'm surprised by your certainty.
  • 2. Player: I think about it, yes.
    • Malcolm: But no answers?
    • Player: Not yet.
  • 3. Player: Not really, no.
    • Player: I'd rather spend my time giving my life meaning, than pondering whether it came with some pre-packaged.
    • Malcolm: I bet you have motivational posters hanging in your house.
  • Player: Why do you ask?
  • Malcolm: I was curious.
  • Malcolm: Unlike most, I have the unique opportunity to actually get the answer.
  • Player: Ah.
  • Malcolm: Well?
  • Player: I was disassembling rune claws, and you happened. Somehow.
  • Malcolm lets out a sort of buzzing sigh.
  • Malcolm: Fabulous.
  • Malcolm: I feel an especially long journal entry coming on.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Malcolm appears to be scribbling in a tiny journal.
  • Player: What are you writing there buddy?
  • Malcolm blushes slightly as his bulb flashes you a response.
  • Malcolm: I'm composing sophisticated poetry
  • The player has two options to choose from:
  • 1. Player: Oh. Okay. Keep at it.
    • Malcolm says nothing
    • Player says nothing
    • Malcolm: Is that all?
    • Player: Yeah.
    • Player: Sorry, were you expecting something from me?
    • Malcolm: I shouldn't really
    • Malcolm: Thank you for the material
    • Malcolm goes back to his journal.
  • 2. Player: Can I get a preview?
    • Malcolm: It isn't complete, but very well
    • Malcolm: It is titled irony
    • Malcolm: Subtitle: I can create light, but would rather live in darkness.
    • Malcolm clears his throat. You assume it's for dramatic effect as he continues to blink his light rather than talk.
    • Malcolm: Take me out to the black
    • Malcolm: Tell me I'm not coming back
    • Player: I know we've barely cracked the surface here, but I feel the need to interject.
    • Player: Are you okay buddy? Do you need to talk?
    • Malcolm: Gods, you do not appreciate art.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Player: Do you get along okay with the other fireflies?
  • As Malcolm blinks his light at you, he appears sceptical.
  • Malcolm: Hold up! What's a firefly?
  • Player: It's what you are. Well, a regular one is a bit buggier and a little less... modern.
  • Malcolm's flickering gets furious.
  • Malcolm: There's no thing like me, except me!
  • Malcolm: I'm all alone in this grim world
  • Player: Don't be like that, Mal. You've got me.
  • Player: I'll introduce you to some other fireflies one day and I'm sure you'll get along famously!

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