Conversation 1:Edit

  • Mackers: I don't suppose you have any cake on you?

If there is no cake in the player's inventory:

  • Player: Sorry Mackers, no cake at the moment.
  • Mackers: Aww. Well let me know when there is cake, okay?

If there is cake in the player's inventory:

  • Player: It looks like I do yes.
  • Mackers: Ooh ooh, can I have some? Pleeeeease.

Conversation 2:Edit

  • Mackers: Heigh ho, heigh ho, cake-hunting we shall go!
  • Mackers: Something, something, cake and jam.
  • Player: I think you might need to work on the words for that.

Conversation 3:Edit

  • Mackers: I wish I had thumbs. I'd be able to bake my own cakes, then.
  • Player: You know how to bake cakes?
  • Mackers: I sure do. Want to know my fantastic Mackers Mega Chocolate Cake recipe?
  • Player: Have you actually made this cake before?
  • Mackers: Um, not exactly. But I'm sure it will be great!

When used on a POH toy box:Edit

  • Mackers: Wow, look at all these cool toys!
  • Player: Go on, in you get.
  • Mackers: That box is for toys, not turkeys! Silly person.

When near the Cooking Guild:Edit

  • Mackers: I know where we are. The Cook's Guild is nearby. Can we go? Oh please can we go?

Option 1: Okay.

  • Player: Okay.
  • Mackers: Woohoo! Cake here we come!

Option 2: Not at the moment.

  • Player: Not at the moment.
  • Mackers: Aww, but they have cake there.

When inside the Cooking Guild:Edit

  • Mackers: Finally! I'm inside! Ahh, I've never smelt anything so good!
  • Mackers: Now where's the cake ...[sic]

When in Falador:Edit

  • Mackers: What a charming city. I've heard they do amazing cakes here.

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