Littul sister,

Thok never been as angry as I am now. I will explain to you, Bryll, but it will take more words than Thok ever written before.

Every floor that Thok and Marm go down in the dungeon, Thok wanted to break skulls, break the walls that hold up the dungeon, break leg off that holding Thok back. Then Thok get to bottom of dungeon, there was no evil wizard to kill, no big boss to tear in half, no dagger-moth throat to slit. Nothing. Nothing but a body, dead and wriggling with maggots.

So, Thok and Marm sat. Silent. We come so far and nothing wait for us, no death nor gold nor women.

It was at that point that words started speaking in Thok's head, saying horrible things and filling head with hate.

Same must have happen in Marm's head. Marm began to cry, tried to slit own throat with sword, but Thok broke Marm's arms and draped him over shoulder. Marm passed out, which for the best.

Thok sat some more, try to think of what to do in the darkness. Then a man comes. Man looks Fremennik but smells clean. Man has white beard and say words that hurts Thok: 'You not chosen for this'. 'You die if you see what really is down there'. Bah! Man makes Thok so angry!

Bright man is more powerful than Thok - Thok can smell that much. Man heal Thok's leg and unbreak Marm's arms, but he say that Marm cannot continue, that Marm is close to going mad. He wants to take us to the surface, to take us away from this place, and will not take no as answer. Thok so angry, Bryll, but knows that man is right. Thok could not let Marm go mad. Marm is strong mind to Thok's strong blade. So, we return to surface after so long here.

Will anyone believe Thok? I leave letter in hope that someone can make it here. That mean someone must show strength of Thok. Thok fear that no-one will see this in Thok's lifetime. It sad thought.

M. and Thok

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