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This transcript involves dialogue with Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin.

Starting the CaperEdit

Darren: Ah, player! Can I borrow you for a moment? I've got some work in dire need of a hero and you're the best agent I have to take it on!

Player: What needs doing, Guildmaster?

Darren: Have you heard of Drannai Silverborn?

Player: No, I can't say I have.

Darren: Drannai is, or rather, was a mage of some repute. Fond of fire, don't you know. Very fond. Anyway, what most people know about her is that she created a solitaire set with pieces made of entrapped and solidified elemental fire.

Player: Solidified fire?

Darren: Very valuable stuff, it is; like the very heart of a pristine jewel, all over, and fill of magical energy to them as know how to harness it. That's besides the point, though, which is that some days ago she got something very wrong.

Player: Wrong how?

Darren: We can't ask her that; they've only found her hat so far. Seems the explosion she caused scattered her laboratory over half of Gilienor, including these fragments of flame.

Player: And you want them?

Darren: By now I imagine people will have stumbled across them here and there; we need them purloined before they realise what they have. Found a buyer who wants octets of them, see.

Player: They could be anywhere!

Darren: Yes, there may be a certain amount of luck involved. Check pockets where you can; if you find any we'll pay handsomely in further training and in pecuniary considerations.

Player: How many does this buyer want?

Darren: Thiry-two. Shouldn't think any one group would have found more than six, though. Tell you what, have a word with Robin; he'll know where to start looking.


- Will do.

Darren: Good on you.

- Maybe Later. (ends dialogue)

Player: Hello there.

Robin: Ah, our rising star. Now what can I do for you?


- About this caper …

Player: The Guildmaster mentioned that you have an idea who might have found these flame fragments …

Robin: Yes, I have some idea. There was a shower of them around Lumbridge, so any man or woman may have stumbled across them. For that matter, those H.A.M maniacs to the west might have one or two or six stashed away.

Player: Anyone else?

Robin: I'd be surprised if none had landed in a field; you might check the various farms hereabouts in case the farmers made a lucky find. I suspect if any guards have found one lying around they won't have told anyone – I wouldn't either, on a guardsman's wage – and the same over the river in Al Kharid. Oh, and there's a group of rogues in a castle deep in the Wilderness that might have 'acquired' some, but its a dangerous place.


- How am I doing so far?

Robin: You'll still find fragments on citizens, farmers, H.A.M. Members, warriors, master farmers, guards, and rogues. Best of luck! (Note: List will remove each one when completed.)

- I'll see what a few pockets can turn up, then. (Ends dialogue)

Returning with the GoodsEdit

Darren: The hunt is afoot, player! Have you retrieved any flame fragments for me?

Player: I've had some success in tracking down flame fragments.

Darren: You have a set of eight fragments for me?

If none found

Player: I'm still looking for flame fragments.

Darren: Remember: I'll recompense you when you happen across one.

If less than 8

Player: No, not a whole set.

Darren: Oh, I'm sorry; I can only take them in groups of eight. Get out there and pick a pocket or two.

If you located 8

Player: I've had some success tracking down flame fragments.

Darren: Splendid! I'll have a word with the staff and see that you're rewarded.

Player: That's my eighth/sixteenth/twenty-fourth/I believe that is the whole set.

Darren: Magnificent work/Halfway there, player! I'll see that you get the standard fee; and have a word with Robin for your cut of our recent proceeds – a small bonus for your efforts.

If last set

Darren: It certainly is! What an incredible feat that was. I'll make sure you get your bounty and prize right away.

Player: Thank you.

Darren: As a personal vote of thanks, I'd like to give you some advanced training in pick-pocketing techniques.

Player: You;re going to teach me yourself?

Darren: Well … no. I'm going to get Robin to do it. Go and have a word with him.


turning in first lot of 8

Alright there! Got the word to split a chunk of out takings with you as a bonus.

turning in second lot of 8

Greets! Note's come from the boss to pass on another chunk of our swag. All yours, mate.

turning in third lot of 8

'ey there! Darren says you've earned yourself another cut.

Fence it or use it as you wish. Now what can I do for you? (Repeats for all lots turned in)

turning in last set

Ah, hello! I'm to give you your cur and some pointers in advanced pick-pocketing, yes?

Player: That's right.

Robin: Right then. Advanced pick-pocketing, or 'How to Pick a Rich Target'. Here's how it's done, player.

When locating a fragmentEdit

You find a small fragment of solidified elemental fire.