• Longbow Ben: Arrr, matey!
  • Player: Why are you called Longbow Ben?
  • Longbow Ben: Arrr, that's a strange yarn.
  • Longbow Ben: I was to be marooned, ye see. A scurvy troublemaker had taken my ship, and he put me ashore on a little island.
  • Player: Gosh, how did you escape?
  • Longbow Ben: Arrr, ye see, he made one mistake! Before he sailed away, he gave me a bow and one arrow so that I wouldn't have to die slowly.
  • Longbow Ben: So I shot him and took my ship back.
  • Player: Right...
  • Longbow Ben: Arrr, matey!
  • Player: Have you got any quests I could do?
  • Longbow Ben: Nay, I've got nothing for ye to do. (varies if not done Pirate's Treasure)
  • Player: Thanks.

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