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  • Lol: I'm Lol.
    • Player: Who are you?
      • Lol: Morningstar was my brother. Trolls gonna smash Burthorpe!
      • Player: Last I checked, Burthorpe was doing better than ever and Morningstar was dead.
      • Lol: You got a big mouth, but whatcha gonna do when Lol runs wild on you?
    • Player: What do you do?
      • Lol: Eat. Sleep. Fight. What, you think I have a day job? Plumber, maybe?
    • Player: Why are you here?
      • Lol: Dad get me here because I'm the strongest troll. Win tournament for trolls.
    • Player: Why are you called Lol?
      • Lol: Why you think? Same as all troll, named after first thing I eat.
      • Player: How did you eat a lol? What is a lol, anyway?
      • Lol: Eat stupid human called Lol. Now my name is Lol.
      • Player: How did you know he was called Lol?
      • Lol: That all he say. Lol, lol, lol. Must be his name.
    • Player: I'm done here.
  • After the first round of the tournament
    • Lol: Hope you ready for rock in face, human. Time to fight Lol!

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