• Litara: Hello there. You look lost - are you okay?
    • I'm looking for a stronghold or something.
      • Player: I'm looking for a stronghold or something.
      • Litara: Ahh, the stronghold of Security, it's down there.
      • Litara point's on the hole in the ground that looks like you could squeeze through.
      • Player: Look's kind of...deep and dark.
      • Litara: Yeah tell that to my brother. He still hasn't come back.
      • Player: Your brother?
      • Litara: He's a explorer too. When a miner fell down that hole he'd made and come back babbling about a treasure, my brother wanted to explore. No one has ever seen him since.
      • Player: Oh, that's not good.
      • Litara: Lot's of people has go down there, but none of them have seen him. Let me know if you do, will you?
      • Player: I'll certainly keep my eyes open.
      • End's Dialogue.
    • I'm fine, just passing through.
      • Player: I'm fine, just passing through.
      • End's Dialogue.

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