• Light creature: The light creature bounces around excitedly, as if to capture your attention.
    • Player: What is it, Sparky?
    • Light creature: The light creature motions for you to follow it, in a seemingly panicked state.
    • Player: Oh no, what's wrong? Has something happened?
    • Light creature: The light creature appears to be motioning towards the east in a hurried fashion.
    • Player: Timmy has fallen down the well? Oh no, we'd better hurry!
    • Light creature: The light creature stops moving as if it's lost interest in you.
    • Player: Oh - er - that's not what you mean.
    • Player: Nope, I guess I still can't understand you.
    • Player: You're just a floating ball of light...
    • Player: And, now I think about it, I'm not sure I even know a Timmy.

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