Conversation 1Edit

  • Legio Tertiolus: Where are my faithful rorarii?
  • Player: Erm.. in the Ascension kennels?
  • Legio Tertiolus: No! I told those kennel owners I'd never use them again after last time. I received horrible service.
  • Player: Were the rorarii not happy?
  • Legio Tertiolus: Not happy at all! This is the last time I go on holiday.

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: What's involved in looking after rorarii? Would you recommend them as a pet?
  • Legio Tertiolus: Oh yes, they're wonderful pets! Loyal! Devoted companions! Much happier in a pack, so you'll need to get at least four or five.
  • Player: I'll bear that in mind.

Inside the Monastery of AscensionEdit

  • Legio Tertiolus: My rorarii! Oh I've missed you so much! Daddy's home! Have you been good? I hope you've been good!
  • Player: If you were only this nice to people, too.

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