Conversation 1Edit

  • Legio Quartulus: You cannot hide from me forever!
  • Player: That's ok, I'm right here!
  • Legio Quartulus: There is no escape!
  • Player: That's ok, I'm right here. You and me, we're gonna be best friends.
  • Legio Quartulus: Embrace the Ascended!
  • Player: An embrace to confirm our friendship! How sweet!

Conversation 2Edit

  • Player: What do you want to do today, Quartulus?
  • Legio Quartulus: The same thing we do every day, <Player>.
  • Legio Quartulus: Try to recreate Guthix.
  • Player: Oh, I thought you were going to say something else there for a moment.

Inside the Monastery of AscensionEdit

  • Player: Wow! I can see everything in here so well!
  • Player: It's like it's crystal clear!
  • Legio Quartulus: Do not mock us.


  • Conversation 2 is a reference to Pinky and the Brain.

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