Conversation 1Edit

  • Player: So you like to heal?
  • Lana: Yup!
  • Player: So you don't like other forms of combat?
  • Lana: I'm not bad at them, I just don't get along with ranged.
  • Player: Oh? Why's that then?
  • Lana: Just everytime I'm around archers they seem to cause me trouble.

Conversation 2 (Only in Araxxor's lair) Edit

  • Lana: Ohh, it's always so dark down here.

Conversation 3 Edit

  • Player: Lana.
  • Lana: Yes?
  • Player: Lana!
  • Lana: What?
  • Player: LANA!
  • Lana: What do you want?
  • Player: Nothing. I just like saying your name!
  • Lana: Well, you're doing a sterling job of it.

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