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Reason: Missing dialogue about making her a Super Melee potion. Also needs post-maxing dialogue for giving the player 1 of each perfect juju potion.
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In Prifddinas Edit

After Plague's End Edit

  • Lady Meilyr: : It's good to see you again, Player. Prifddinas is more beautiful than I ever imagined. What can I do for you?
    • What can I do here?
      • Ask about harmony pillars...
        • Lady Meilyr: : The inner working of harmony pillars are a mystery. Our research indicates that they're powered by the skills of whoever plants a harmony moss seed, which I can prvoide you - for a price. The skill a pillar relates to changes each day, or when it is fully sated and harvested. Once a seed is placed, it is irrevocable and you must finish the harvest before it will change. The moss will not grow over time. Only as you grow shall it grow.
        • Harmony pillars do not grow like regular farming patches. You must gain 50,000 XP in the skill it is attuned to in order to advance a growth stage. A pillar has 4 growth stages.
          • (Returns to initial options)
      • Ask about buying herblore supplies...
        • Lady Meilyr: : I will be happy to sell some of our clans[sic] spare resources.
          • (Meilyr Clan Store opens)
      • Ask about combination potion recipes...
        • Lady Meilyr: : I'm happy to share Clan Meilyr's secrets with you, Player. However, I must ask for a fee.
          • (Recipe Shop opens)
      • Ask about something else.
        • (Returns to initial options)
      • Nothing, thanks.
    • Ask about Lady Meilyr...
      • Player: : Can you tell me about yourself?
      • Lady Meilyr: : Yes. As you should know, I'm Lady Meilyr. I have spent far too long in dungeons. That knowledge may now serve the clan,[sic] I am almost as happy to be free of the dungeons as to see Prifddinas. Almost. In fact, it's been so long I've almost forgotten how to make potions with regular herbs.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Clan Meilyr...
      • Player: : What can you tell me about Clan Meilyr?
      • Lady Meilyr: : Initially we were a clan purely focused on the workings of the earth: farms and herbs primarily. Our ancestors moved away from farming, but their harmony pillars still remain ours to use. Our focus switched away from farming when elven explorers disovered an entrance to the area you call Daemonheim. We mounted expeditions to learn from the unique plant-life, and subsequently became the only clan capable of finding the same areas more than once. We even constructed entrances, allowing quick access to some of the more interesting areas we found.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Meilyr skills...
      • Player: : What can you tell me about the Meilyr skills?
      • Lady Meilyr: : We focus on the skills which utilise natural resources: herblore and dungeoneering. With careful measurements and a steady hand we mix potent potions. Working with the Ithell clan we created a peculiar flask, which allows multiple potions to be consumed without cancelling each other's effects. The end result looks easy, but don't underestimate the skills required.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Nothing, thanks.

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