Puppy Edit

Labrador: Yipyip yip yap yipyap, yap! (What are we going to do now, eh?)
Player: I'm sure I can find us something to do.
Labrador: Yapyapyap? Yapyap! (Can I play? I want to play!)
Player: Sure, we can play when I'm finished here, okay?

Adult Edit

Conversation 1Edit

Labrador: Can we play now?
Player: Give me a minute, I have to finish something before we can.
Labrador: What about afterwards?
Player: Well we'll have to see, won't we?
Labrador: Fair enough, eh!

Conversation 2Edit

Labrador: It wouldn't kill you to throw a stick around, eh?
Player: That's true, and I will but right now I'm busy, okay?
Labrador: Okay, I know you have biped stuff to get on with, eh.

Conversation 3Edit

Labrador: I want to get something to eat!
Player: You always want something to eat!
Labrador: I'm a growing dog!
Player: You'll have to lay off the food or the only way you will grow is outwards.

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