Dialogue Edit

  • Kringk: I would offer haircut, but it hard to do style for puny human with puny head. Me know. You want wig intead? Me give you big-big discount!

Would you like to buy an ogre wig for 50 gp?

  • Yes, please.
  • (If you have less than 50 coins)
    • Kringk: You no have enough shiny pretties, human.
  • (If you have at least 50 coins)
    • Kringk: There you go. Nice wig for you, made from de freshest wolfsie bones.
  • No, thank you.
    • Player: No, thank you.

Talking to Grimechin Edit

  • Player: So, how do you like what's, um, being done to your head?
  • Kringk: Quit talking to goblin, Player. If she moves her head, she mess up work.
  • Player: Oh, sorry! I would never dream of interfering in the creative process.

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