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Before Birthright of the DwarvesEdit

After Birthright of the DwarvesEdit


  • Klaas: Now that the consortium is back in power, they'll let me back in to Keldagrim before long - and then you'll be sorry you exiled me.
  • Klaas: I'm sure the messenger will arrive any day now.. Any day now...
    • Player: I spared your life. You could be more grateful.
      • Klaas: You knew you had no choice! If you'd executed me, there would have been an uprising! I'm surprised you even got away with exiling me.
    • Player: What will you do now?
      • Klaas: I'm sure I'll be able to return to Keldagrim before long, but for now, this exile is giving me time to think.
      • Klaas: I'm planning to write a book about dwarven politics - everything that's been wrong with the government through the years.
      • Player: Goodbye.


  • Klaas: A toast to King Veldaban - true king of the dwarves!
    • Player: So now you think Veldaban is legitimate?
      • Klaas: He defended the city from the Red Axe. Great military victories are the mark of a true king!
    • Player: What do you think of Veldaban's rule now?
      • Klaas: I still think he could be moving faster to solve all the city's problems - but if he can defeat the Red Axe threat, I'm sure he can do everything else he needs to.
    • Player: Goodbye.

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