• Ka: Welcome, adventurer!
    • Ask how for information about the event.:
      • Ka: I'm Ka. I'm helping Icthlarin by explaining to all you adventurers how you can help the cause. He made it so everyone here can understand me without a Catspeak Amulet! Icthlarin is busy trying to hold the gates at the end of the bridge shut, so he needs help rounding all the extra souls up. You can get on a boat at either of the piers by the start of the bridge and sail around gathering the lost souls. There are even some special ones that will reward you with experience in certain skills! The ferryman by the pier will be able to tell you more. Once you've gathered enough souls from the river you'll be able to return to shore and escort them across the bridge. They need you protection to cross so make sure you skill Amascut's devourers or siphon them using divination! The reason Icthlarin is holding the gates to the Underworld shut is because Amascut is trying to break through with her avatar - the biggest devourer yet. Periodically she is managing to break open the gates, at which point Icthlarin will need all the help he can get to bring the giant lion's head down!
      • You can hover your mouse over the '?' at the top of your screen for a reminder of what to do in the event.
    • Ask what else you can do at the event.:
      • Ka: If you find you need a break from battling Amascut's forces, there is also a fully functioning ectofuntus down here where you can train you prayer. That old grouch Necrovarus is here too. He'll be able to give you more information about that. You'll also notice all your actions gain you Noumenon Favour for helping Icthlarin in his fight. Talk to Sinn Derkwill just west of me to find out what you can buy with your earnings. He's an odd fellow, but very helpful!
    • Ask about Ka.:
      • Ka: You want to know about me? I'm not sure where to start. Hmm... Well, I was once a priestess in Amascut's clergy. A human, just like you. The end of the second age was a difficult time to live in the Kharid. Everywhere you looked war was taking its toll. As a priestess I spent my days trying to help the poor and infirmed. Day by day poverty strengthened its grip on the land. We prayed to Amascut for out crops to grow and allies to arrive, but they never did. She had left this world with Icthlarin. We didn't know if they would ever return. When they finally did we rejoiced. Our saviours had returned and brought with them an army of Stern Judges and that would turn the tide of the war. We were elated, for a time. Parties were held in the streets, crops grew plentifully and the rivers burst their banks, but it was not to last...
      • Player: What happened?
      • Ka: The Stern Judges betrayed us and the war grew bloody once more. Icthlarin and Amascut's father, Tumeken, was forced to sacrifice himself to put an end to it, turning the Kharid into a desert in the process. Soon afterwards Amascut decided to destroy everything she once stood for. She decimated her temples and with them her entire clergy. Though my memories of what ensued are few, I do remember arriving in this place. The stone bridge stretching into the darkness was imprinted in my mind. Icthlarin saw what Amascut had done and believed himself to blame. He offered rebirth to each of the priestesses. We accepted, vowing to stop Amascut before it was too late.
    • Ask about reincarnation.:
      • Ka: Amascut was once responsible for rebirth, but now Icthlarin must fulfil that duty as well as his own. This is why it has become increasingly rare for a soul to be reincarnated. Most of my knowledge comes from personal experience, but it would seem people are usually reincarnated as cats. You may have heard of Robert the Strong of my friend Neite who was a priestess of Amascut as well. Both of them also became cats after their rebirths. I wonder how many other cats out there are just waiting for someone with a Catspeak Amulet to speak to them...
    • Ask about Amascut.:
      • Ka: There was a time when I devoted my life to her, when she was the Goddess of Rebirth. Amascut would stand beside Icthlarin at the gates to the Underworld that lie ahead of us, offering rebirth to the few chosen souls that deserved it. Few know that she was also responsible for destroying the darkest, most evil of souls as well. A burden which must have weighed heavy on her shoulders. After she left this world with Icthlarin I am sure something happened to her, for once she returned she was not the same - and she never would be again. I believe her father sacrificing himself to save the Kharid from Zaros' empire was the straw that broke the camel's back. Amascut completed her descent into madness. The part of her responsible for destroying souls completely consumed her. She became what she is today... The Devourer.
    • Ask about Amascut's curse.:
      • Ka: The priestesses of Amascut's clergy, such as Neite and I, returned to Gielinor after being reincarnated. We were not seeking revenge, but Amascut was on a destructive rampage. We knew she had to be stopped. We went to the ruins of our most sacred temple. There amongst the rubble we unearthed the altar, and poured all of our combined power into a ritual. Amascut's screams of anger and pain could be heard across the barren Kharid, as we afflicted her with the curse she still bears today. Our aim was to bind her to the Kharidian desert and prevent anyone from making the mistake of following her again. That way we would limit the amount of havock she could wreak.
      • Player: But doesn't she have followers of her own now?
      • Ka: The curse still affects her, but it has weakened over the thousands of years. Most of her followers are under her powerful mind control. Those that aren't directly being controlled are still being coerced, corrupted or blackmailed in some form. Amascut's deceits know no bounds.
    • Goodbye.:

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