After The Fremennik Trials Edit

Addressing the player by Fremennik name

At Rellekka docks Edit

  • Jarvald: Greetings, Player! So what brings you back to fair Rellekka? It has been too long since you have drunk in the long hall with us and sang of your battles!
    • What would you like to ask about?
      • What Jarvald is doing.
        • Player: So what are you doing here?
        • Jarvald: You have not heard, Player? I am leading an expedition to Waterbirth Island!
          • Waterbirth Island?
            • Jarvald: You have not ever travelled to Waterbirth Island? I am surprised, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Or at least it used to be! But things have now changed...
            • Player: Changed? How do you mean, changed?
            • Jarvald: It seems as though the sea-beasts known to us as the daggermouths have begun their hatching once again... And there may be others of their ilk there too.
            • Player: Daggermouths?
            • Jarvald: Aye, the daggermouths! The vile creatures lived here once, but we had thought them all driven back to the ocean depths many moons past. I can only imagine a daggermouth queen has nested somewhere nearby, and spawned her foul brood under the sea once more, and some of them have migrated to fair Waterbirth Island.
            • Player: So you're scared they might attack Rellekka?
            • Jarvald: Scared? Ha ha ha! You wound us with your questioning, Player! We are glad the daggermouths have returned to these shores, for it means we will get the chance to hunt them once again as our ancestors did! When treated in the correct manner, the creatures' remains can be used to make fine battleworthy armour!
          • Can I come?
            • Player: Can I come?
            • Jarvald: Of course, Player! Your presence is more than welcome on this cull! You wish to leave now?
              • YES
                • (Jarvald takes you to Waterbirth Island)
                • Jarvald: I would head straight for the cave and not tarry too long Player, the cold winds on this island can cut right through you should you spend too long in them.
              • NO
                • Player: No, actually I have some stuff to do here first.
                • Jarvald: As you wish. Come and see me when your bloodlust needs sating.
          • Nice hat!
            • Player: Hey, I have to say, that's a fine looking hat you are wearing there.
            • Jarvald: Aye, that it is Player! Skulgrimen fashioned it for me from the carcass of one of the monsters on Waterbirth Island after our last hunt! I hope to kill enough creatures to fashion some fine armour as well when next we leave!
          • Ok, 'bye!
            • Player: Wow, you Fremenniks sure know how to party. Well, see ya around.
      • Nothing.
        • Player: Actually, I don't think I have anything to speak to you about...

At Waterbirth Island Edit

  • Jarvald: Ah, Player! Such glorious battle makes you feel glad of life, does it not? So what say you, stay here for the hunt, or return home to sweet Rellekka to feast and drink with your tribe?
    • Leave island?
      • YES
        • Jarvald: Then let us away; There will be death to bring here another day!
        • (Jarvald takes you back to Rellekka)
      • NO
        • Jarvald: Ha Ha Ha! A true huntsman at heart! I myself have killed over a hundred of the daggermouths, and did not think it too many!

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